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DIY Scented Sachet

If you have a zippered pillow case or favorite stuffed animal with a compartment in the back, check out my homemade, scented sachet!

You can spend upwards of $10 for a scented sachet or pack of two. This DIY version will only cost you the price of a few drops of essential oil and some household items. One of which is most likely lurking behind your washing machine. Go check. There is a sock back there. You're welcome.

My son is 9 and sleeps with a stuffed bear that came with a compartment in the back for scent packs. While I do intend to "one day" purchase the actual scent packs that are made to go inside, in the meantime, I came up with an idea for a project the kids and I could do together.

Everyday feels like a journey of discovering what new activity I can conjure up to teach, inspire and entertain my children. Most days, I fail. This day, I won! I'll take that.

Find some uncooked rice in your overstocked, quarantine pantry. You know, that 25 pound bag you purchased back in March when you feared the world may be ending and rice would sustain your family for decades to come? No comment. 

I feel your judgement, just so you know. And the bag was only 5 pounds, so... yeah, eat that. Just don't eat my rice.

There is no exact science to this! Just have fun with the kids, yourself or the dog. My dogs watched and were entertained. Well, one dog watched. One is blind and seems as though she is watching everything, though we know she is seeing nothing. Yes, it can be creepy. 

I'm pretty sure everyone has some sort of essential oil, somewhere in their home. I found lavender, orange, lemon and sea breeze (combination). I let my kids smell each of them and choose which oil they would like to have inside of their designated vessel. 

Add about 1/2 cup of rice to a small plastic container and then sprinkle essential oil on the rice. Secure the lid and then shake the container about to evenly distribute the oil to the rice. I let this sit for about 6 hours while the rice absorbed the oil fully. 

Remember when I told you to check behind the washing machine? Once there, proceed to grab a rogue sock and use the sock to house the scented rice! Secure with a rubber band or hair tie and you've got yourself a homemade sachet. 

You can make these extra small by using a newborn sock or any kind of tiny cloth bath you may have and slide them into throw pillows with zip closures! Freshen up a bed, couch or comfort your kiddo at night with these little scented gems. 

What's your favorite scent? Let me know if you think you might try this idea! It's super easy.


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