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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Whew, What a Weird Week!

Happy Saturday, friends! This is the part where I usually indicate how excited I am about the weekend and blah blah blah. I'm still excited (especially because Matt and I will be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary tomorrow) but I cannot get over how much has changed in the last week. 

We got through our first official week of home-based learning. We've been operating on a (very flexible) "school schedule" so that we all stay as on task as we can. Plus, I feel like if I keep them busy and focused enough, we'll have fewer opportunities to drive one another bonkers. The girls have been really wonderful and seem to enjoy school from home. To be honest, I'm kind of loving it too. Not sure how long the feeling will last for any of us, but for now I'm going to enjoy it. 

This is what our schedule looks like currently. I had shared a different one here on the blog on Wednesday and later that day I ended up adjusting it. This one has shorter class periods and includes the classes I had originally missed adding for D. We also "dismiss" 5 minutes earlier now. 

In addition to trying my best to keep the girls up to date with lessons and not lose my mind from being home so much, I'm trying to come up with as many meatless meals as I can since our stores have been struggling to keep up with demand. I'm actually sharing a recipe for lentil soup later today, so be sure to check back this afternoon. 

I'm really glad to have you all as a part of our MBP Community. It's nice that we are able to keep connected and help one another during this crisis.
Leave a comment and let us know how you are 
coping with social distancing and/or home-based schooling. Which one are you finding more difficult? 

Have a spectacular Saturday!

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