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Homemade Disinfectant Spray Recipe

Avoid the price gauging and make your own effective disinfectant spray from a few simple items.

A quick Amazon search will leave you empty handed in the present climate if you're looking for disinfecting spray. You do not need to panic or feel as though you're destined for sickness! If you didn't know that you can make your own sprays and cleaners at home, I think you'll be surprised at how easy it really is.


1 1/4 Cup of water
1/3 Cup of white vinegar
1/4 Cup of high-proof vodka or rubbing alcohol
15 - 20 drops of essential oils such as a combination of lemon, citrus, tea tree, peppermint etc.
Find a plastic spray bottle you can clean out and use and if you have a glass bottle, even better. 

Tea tree oil has natural antibacterial properties and the other oils have similar qualities as well. They add a pleasant scent but also have added benefit. If you do not have vodka in your home (we do not), your town probably has a local ABC store. You can also find rubbing alcohol online or in most stores. Call ahead and find out if they have any vodka or rubbing alcohol in stock. I'm not an expert on liquor by any means but a quick google search presented me with information on different types of vodka. White vinegar and basic essential oils can be ordered online if you're not wanting to venture to the drug store or Walmart, but again, just call ahead if you do plan to head to the store. Essential oil reps for the big name companies tell us that when we order generic essential oils online or find them at the store, they are not therapeutic grade and for this cleaner- that is OK. The white vinegar is said to kill 80% of germs and is a key component to this mixture! 

One of the best ways that we can help to alleviate stress in any area of life is to feel prepared. Feeling like my family has what we need in a time of potential crisis truly helps. This is a pretty generic recipe and there are variations online that you may find suits your family better, but this is a great place to start.

Some tips to follow to ensure you're doing everything you can to keep germs at bay:

Spray incoming packages and mail with disinfectant spray.
Spray door handles and light switch covers daily.
Make sure your family is washing their hands to the full length of the tune, "Happy Birthday".
Wash your hands often and thoroughly.
Have your children change out of school clothing upon returning home and spray their backpacks AND sneakers with disinfectant spray.
Spray or wipe down your car door handles and steering wheel regularly. 
If you carry a purse and set it on surfaces, spray or wipe down your purse.

These are just tips and I do not think you are doomed for sickness if you do not follow them, but maybe you read one today that struck a chord and you found to be helpful. That is the goal!

Happy disinfecting! 


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