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Adventures of Luna, the Rescue Pup

Back in November 2019, after the loss of our older dog, Buddy, Cory and I decided that our older dog Diesel needed a playmate. So after seeing the same puppy 2 weeks in a row from a local rescue group, we knew we needed to adopt her. At the time we were told she was a 4.5 months old, hound puppy, but we quickly learned that wasn't true! Our vet thought she might be a boxer or pit mix, and she was at least 5 months old! She was in pretty good health, was spayed, house trained, and knew how to sit! We thought we had hit the jackpot! Boy, were we wrong, lol!

Luna, the rescue pup, is a whole new adventure! She has boundless energy, is a bottom-less pit, and is very curious about everything. This girl is so much fun, but boy has it been a long time since our house has had a puppy. Diesel wasn't so sure about her at first, but now they are inseparable! While we miss our Buddy, we are so grateful to be able to give Luna a loving home!  Below are some of her new life adventures! Hope you enjoy!

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