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What is the Cost of a Bean Bag Chair Today?

They once dominated the world, being found in every basement of North America and even a few Volkswagen Buses! The bean bag chair was as common in the seventies as bell-bottoms and lava lamps. Today, they may not be seen everywhere, but they’re still considered to be comfortable, convenient, and charming in their own right. So, what do bean bag chairs cost in the twenty-first century?

The bean bag chair really was an invention of the sixties, although who invented it is a matter of some debate. Some say that is was invented by a trio of Italian designers way back in 1968. Others say that is was by a man named William Roger who did file a patent for the sea urchin chair in 1968.

It was just a bag made of a simple fabric containing beads, but that straight-forward approach brought about a new view and feel to furniture for decades to come. They were cheap to buy and contributed to the counter-culture of those days, so they appealed to the emerging “hippies” of the time. 

That resulted in bean bag chairs being seen everywhere throughout the seventies. This was arguably the great golden age of the bean bag chair. Although it continued to come at a low cost to the average person, the bean bag chair saw a major decline in sales as the 1980s and 90s saw an entire generation view these comfortable little pieces of furniture as “uncool” and a relic of their parent’s times.

It would take another decade and another generation to see a resurgence in the bean bag chair, but they are making a comeback as a result of increased interest which brings us back to our question: Just how much do they cost?

Buying online can result in a range of costs and a range of choices. Bean bag chairs are no longer shapeless balls of beads, there are ones now, like the lounger chair, that looks like a regular piece of furniture that anyone would see at a person’s home, except that they are actually bean bag chairs. Others have a teardrop shape and some retain that original, round appearance.

Prices can vary greatly, but usually start around $35 Canadian and can cost as much as $500. What accounts for the big difference in price? That’s where quality and choice comes in. 

As always, getting something cheap doesn’t mean that it’s going to be of high quality and may also not be what someone wants for their bean bag chair. It is important to make sure that whatever decision you make on getting this new, compact piece of furniture will also be what you want and that means doing a bit of research and giving it some thought as both of these choices will directly affect the cost.

The lower end of the cost scale is where the simple bean bag chair that everyone remembers resides. This is your usually round one that’s comfortable to get into and used to be hard to get out of. The cost tends to go up into the two and three-hundred-dollar range once you start looking at bean bag lounge chairs and “Big Joes”. Finally, at the top of the scale is where one finds the extra-large chairs that can seat more than one person.

For those looking to get a bean bag chair for their kids, the cost is usually pretty affordable, coming in at anywhere between thirty and a hundred and thirty dollars. The shape and size of the chair isn’t the only determiner in the price of a bean bag chair, though. 

Quality is the biggest reason for spending more on a bean bag chair. The primary question that people want to ask themselves when it comes to quality is: How long do you want to keep the chair for? If someone is only looking to get it for a year or so before moving on, then the cheaper end is a good option. For those who are looking to have it for years to come, one might want to look for a higher quality one, which does mean higher cost, in most cases.

The other things to consider in bringing down the cost of a bean bag chair are issues like shipping. Some companies add shipping to their total cost, which means that a two-hundred-dollar chair can end up being a two hundred and fifty-dollar chair. So, online sellers of bean bag chairs that include free shipping are ones that immediately save you money. 

Finally, always look to make sure that the chair you’re getting has a warranty on it should it arrive damaged or something happens to it at some point that isn’t your fault. The chances of this happening are very low, of course, but it’s always good to have a warranty, just in case.

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