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Top Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Marygrove Awning

An awning is an expensive, high tech product. With an awning, you have an outdoor unit that can enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal. Even more, this functional product comes with a high level of impermeability. Designed to be stiff, an awning has superior water repellant capabilities. These products come with high resistance. Thus, they need proper care. Along these lines, here are top tips and tricks you can employ when cleaning an awning.

The Topside
If you want to protect the fabrics and colors of your awning, then consider cleaning the top side regularly. If you own residential awning, consider cleaning them at least once per year. On the other hand, residential awnings should be cleaned 4 to 8 times a year. However, it depends on where you are located. If you are situated in a dust prone location, consider cleaning it more frequently. Whereas some awnings can be cleaned by dipping them in washing machines, others won’t fit. It’s also important to sweep all the cobwebs, leaves, as well as loose dirt off the awning before cleaning it.
Consider utilizing a mild based eco-friendly liquid soap to clean your retractable awnings. However, it’s important to look at the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to the type of soap to use on a particular fabric. Look for a bucket of lukewarm water. Then have a soap ready. Also, don’t forget to use a pressure washer set. Start by cleaning the bottom side. Then work your way upwards. You can also use a sweeping motion to clean your awning. When rinsing, start from up and work your way downwards. Be sure to remove all the soap and dirt. Wait until the material has completely dried before retracting.
The Underside
Like the upper side, the underside requires regular cleaning. So clean it using the same procedure. Use clean water and the right soap. Also, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. And you can rest assured that your awning will always stay clean, shiny, and efficient.
Caring For the Awning Cover
You also need to take good care of the awning cover. So, start by removing the dust when it’s dry. You can use a soft brush to remove the dust and leaves from the cover. Also, ensure that leaves, twigs, as well as debris, are cleared from the cover. Use lukewarm water to remove small stains. According to experts, you should use liquid detergent and a 5% soap solution to clean the cover. Rinse the cover thoroughly before drying it. Doing this will ensure that no residue is left behind.
The Bottom-Line
If you love it, clean it well. With proper care, you can be sure of a highly functional awning that oozes class and elegance. It will not only make it functional but also pump up the aesthetic appeal of your home. The above tips are all you need to clean your awning in style. From cleaning the upside to caring the cover—these are the tips you need to keep your awing shining for years. 

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