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Time to Get Crafty: DIY Party Decorations That Don't Look Homemade

The average person now spends over $500 on their child's birthday. It's common for bachelorette parties to cost well over $537 now. 
Each year, the average American spends over $1,422.65 on party-planing. Everyone loves a party, but it's no secret that hosting one can get expensive. From booking a venue to providing party favors and food, party's can break your bank account. 

If you're a person who loves crafts, then DIY party decorations are one area where you can save a bit of money. Not only that, but making party decorations yourself lets you personalize the party even more and shows how much time and effort you put into planning it.
Let's take a look at several DIY party decorations you can give a whirl at making.
DIY Party Decorations That Rock
There are a lot of occasions that lend themselves to throwing a party. Whether you're celebrating an achievement or a birthday, there are numerous DIY decorations you can tailor to the event.
While making decorations yourself will take a bit of time and effort, the amount of money you will save is astronomical. You can go from spending over $500 on a party to maybe around $50.
1. Pop-Up Birthday Cards
Making pop up birthday cards for a birthday party is a great way to surprise the guest of honor and inspire a few laughs. Pop-up birthday cards are more creative and interactive than a standard card. They often feature humorous pictures with a hilarious quote.
2. Balloon Arch
Balloon arches make the perfect colorful, playful decoration. A balloon arch works great to decorate the entrance and make it look more lively. You can also use a balloon arch as a backdrop for an awesome photo.
To create a balloon arch, all you need are a bunch of colorful balloons, wire, and some command hooks.
3. Ice Cream Balloons
Ice cream cone balloons make the perfect decoration for a kid's birthday party. These offer a whimsical and playful feeling to any party.
Some of the supplies you'll need for this include balloons, ribbon, brown Kraft paper, and more.
4. Decorated Vase
Do you have several boring glass vases? You can punch up their appearance by coating them in glitter. Simply paint some glue onto the vase and then sprinkle glitter over.
Another idea is to paint your base. You can get wild and personalized with these decorations. Paint the guest of honor's name on the vase, a phrase, or just some creative designs.
5. Tissue Pom Poms
Use colorful tissue paper to create festive pom poms. You can hang these from the ceiling or strew them across a table. If you don't consider yourself a big DIYer, tissue pom poms might be a great place to start as they're pretty simple to create.
6. Confetti Wall
Is there a bland white wall wherever you're hosting the party? A super simple way to spice up the area is to add confetti dots onto the wall.
To create this effect, all you need is construction paper in several different colors. Then cut out circles are varying sizes. Next, tape the circles onto the wall in a random pattern.
You can use a confetti wall to help create a focal point for the gift table or even as a cute backdrop for pictures.
7. Tassel Garland
Garlands look great at any party. You can use garlands to string along the entire ceiling or to draw attention to a single area. 
Use colorful tissue paper and twine to create your own tassel garland.
8. Paper Lanterns
Paper lanterns add a bit of refinement to any party they're featured in. Though they are a bit more complicated to create than other party decorations, they're well worth the effort. 
Once you finish making your paper lantern, add a LED tea light inside and hang it from the ceiling. Your guests will marvel at how fancy the party looks.
9. Glitter Balloons
This is another simple DIY party decoration that anyone can do. All you need do is blow up several colorful balloons, paint the rounded bottom with glue, then dip them in whatever glitter you fancy.
Glitter balloons are perfect for hanging from the ceiling upside down.
10. Cut-Out Word Banner
This makes a great party decoration that can be personalized to the guest of honor. All you need for this DIY decoration is cut-out letters, string, and clips. The most common words used for word banners are "Congrats" and "Happy Birthday", but feel free to get creative and put whatever you want.
To cut out your letters, we recommend using cardboard so that the letters will be sturdier and won't flop over while hanging. Then you can either paint the cardboard itself or glue colored construction paper over.
11. Chandelier of Lights
Chandeliers add a touch of elegance and style to any room they're in. Why not bring that refinement to the party you're planning?
You might be wondering how a chandelier can be a DIY project. You'll be surprised at how easy it is!
To create a chandelier of lights, you'll need a hula hoop, fabric, glue, and standard white Christmas lights. Wrap the hula hoop in the fabric you picked out and glue it on there. Then you need only wrap the lights around the hoop and let some dangle down. Then hang the hula hoop from the ceiling and wait for the compliments to pour in.
Throw a Celebration of a Lifetime
There are many reasons to throw a party. Just because you're in charge of planning the party doesn't mean it has to cost an arm and a leg, though.
Consider creating DIY party decorations to both save you on money and to also add more personalization to the event. There are hundreds of ideas out there for different decorations you can make. Even if you don't consider yourself talented at arts and crafts, many DIY party decorations are simple and fast to make.
We hope this guide gave you several ideas for some decorations you can make for a party. If you liked what you read, please take a moment to look through our website for other topics that might interest you.

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