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The New Year Is Looking Good With Pair Eyewear!

Thanks to Pair Eyewear for providing me with product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

Aiden is excited to share with you about his new blue blocking glasses from Pair Eyewear. If you have never given blue blocking glasses a try, I highly suggest that you do.  

Pair Eyewear

Aiden wears prescription glasses and has just recently decided to give contacts a try.  I always worry about his eyes and his screen time.  We do have limits on screen time but the light from a screen can effect the eyes no matter the limits on your screen time.  I ordered myself a pair of blue blocking glasses for myself and I can tell the biggest difference when I am working on my computer.  My eyes feel dry and things look a little blurry after spending some time looking at the screen.  I felt like I was doing a lot of squinting to see the screen and would sometimes develop a headache.  I always wear my glasses when working.  I was happy to learn about Pair Eyewear because they have prescription glasses for kids.  What is so cool about the Pair glasses is that you get a frame and a top frame that is magnetic so you can change the look of your glasses.  Since Aiden is giving contacts a try, we decided not to do a prescription lens and just go with the blue blocking lens.  

Looking forward to this mail.

What cute packaging.

The frame and magnetic top frame.

Aiden chose The Larkin frame

The magnetic top frame.

Changing up the look

Aiden has been wearing his glasses every time he uses a screen.  Since they have no prescription, wearing with his contacts is perfect.  He said that his screen is clearer when he wears the glasses and that his eyes do not hurt.  We love Pair Eyewear and will definitely order Aiden's glasses there if the contacts don't work out.  I love how easy it is to place your order and know that you are getting exactly what you need.  Their website is very user friendly.

Want it?  Get it!
Head on over to Pair Eyewear and check out all the selection of glasses they have to offer.  They are offering a 20% off special with the discount code Hello20.  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I am happy knowing that Aiden's Pair glasses are helping his eyes and he is happy wearing them.  Do you wear blue blocking glasses?  I'd love to know about your experience.

Special thanks to my friends at Pair Eyewear for allowing Aiden to share about these wonderful glasses.  It was our pleasure.

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