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The Easy Guide to Dealing with the Most Common Home Disasters

Home disasters like floods, storm damage, fire damage, or even just an appliance failing to work the way it should, are all quite common occurrences. It is how you deal with them that will determine the health and quality of your home. Fixing the issue quickly, repairing a problem before it becomes a crisis, and inspecting key areas of your home can mean all the difference for your family’s safety and health. 

Check and Test These Areas of Your Home 

First things first, the best way to prevent a disaster is to ensure that everything is in excellent working order. At least every six months, you will want to go through your home and inspect: 

Furnace or HVAC 

Always inspect your furnace or HVAC unit every six months. You will also want to clean out the filter so that it can work as effectively as possible. 


If your pipes are leaking, taps are dripping, drains not draining, or your plumbing is facing any other issue, then you need to bring in professionals to deal with it ASAP. Small problems can quickly build up, and what would have once been a small and budget-friendly fix suddenly requires an entire renovation. 

Large Appliances 

You should use these large appliances regularly, so you will know the second if there is an issue. If there is, either go through the warranty on the item or bring someone in to fix it. Letting a problem go on will only increase the chances of you needing to completely replace the unit in the future. 

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms 

We all know we should check to make sure our smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are up and running, but we often forget. Set a reminder for yourself, so this never goes unchecked.  

Have Safety Equipment on Hand 

If you want to be able to mitigate a disaster, you need to be prepared. Having a fire extinguisher in every room, for example, is a great place to start. On top of having such tools, you will also want to: 

Train Everyone in Your Family 

A fire extinguisher is useless unless you and everyone in your family know how to use it. The same applies to any other tool. Go through and ensure everyone knows how to deal with common disasters. For example, how to put out a cooking fire. If you don’t, they might attempt to throw water on the pan of hot water, and then your family is truly in danger. 

Have a Series of Emergency Numbers to Call 

A fire, flooding, or other emergency has two stages: the initial problem stage, and the fixing stage. By having companies like these guys in your phone book, you can arrange for an emergency repair within the hour, 24/7. If your basement is flooded, your best bet is to find the water valve, turn it off, and then call the professionals in to remove the water and start the drying process. If a kitchen fire spreads, then you will similarly need professional cleaning services to get the smoke out of your home. 

Have Adequate Home Insurance 

Don’t skimp out on your home insurance. Your home is your biggest and most valuable asset, and if taken care of, it can pay you back more than what you purchased it for. By having coverage, emergency services that can work with your insurance provider, and a family that knows how to handle all emergencies, you can even turn a fire into a manageable issue.

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