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Great Craft Ideas for Kids That Love Sports

If your children love sports then you will want to encourage them in any way you can. A smart way of doing this is to give them some craft ideas they can try, or that you can do together if you prefer.

Make Cushions Shaped as Balls
If they love the NFL, the NBA, or the MLB, then a ball is at the center of the action all the time. Therefore, you could make a plush cushion based on the type of ball that they love to hit, throw, kick, or catch.
This is very easy to do, as it involves sewing up a stuffed cushion. Just be sure that you choose the right shape and color for the type of sport that they enjoy. Once it is finished, you get something that is highly practical as well as great to look at. 
You could think about making plush cushions out of other pieces of equipment. What about boots, hockey sticks, or pucks? This is a fine way of teaching your kids a useful new skill without it being boring for them.
Make a Home-Made Game
Wouldn’t it fantastic if you could make a home-made game from them to play? It could even turn into something that gets the whole family playing together and having lots of fun. 
This could be a mini-basketball game using hoops that you create out of recycled items. Or it could be a football field that you create using whatever materials you can find. Just about any type of sport can be transformed into a mini-game for playing at home.
The more imagination that you put into it, the more enjoyable the creative process is likely to be. You could even go completely over the top and help them to make a funny version of the game that gives everyone something to laugh at as they play.
Create Some Sport-Inspired Art
Children who enjoy playing sports can be encouraged to develop their art skills at the same time. Perhaps you can get them to paint a scene where they hit a home run in their favorite team’s stadium or celebrate a touchdown to become last-gasp Super Bowl winners.
Sport also lends itself nicely to abstract items. Paintings, sketches or even sculptures that feature items of equipment and star players can be amazing to look at. Research in the Creativity Research Journal suggests that organized sports can harm creativity, so this is a good way to balance it out.
Let them decorate their own room if they show they there are keen to combine their favorite games with art.  This will ensure that they have a cool place to watch sports on TV or to invite their team-mates over to.
Paint Objects in Their Team Colors 
Sports fans who follow certain teams grow to love their colors. These instantly recognizable combinations of colors are closely linked to the sport that they enjoy. Therefore, a very simple but effective idea is to let them paint different objects using these colors.
They might want to paint their whole bedroom using the color scheme, which can be a good idea or not depending upon the exact colors needed. This look at the worst NFL uniforms of all time is topped by the Philadelphia Eagles and the Carolina Panthers.
Otherwise, they could decorate jars, items of furniture, and plant pots with their team colors. You won’t want them to over-do it, but a few things here and there with these colors on them can add some extra life to their room.
Carrying out any of these tips will help your youngsters to make their passion for sports a bigger part of their lives, while they also learn some new skills at the same time. 

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