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Celebrate Your Special Someone & International Correspondence Writing Month with Pilot Pen

Thank you to Pilot Pen for sending the product for this review. All thoughts and opinions shared below are my own!

This month is International Correspondence Writing Month- encouraging people to take a moment each day of the month of February to write and send hand-written correspondence to someone in their lives. I'm excited to take part in it and already know who I'll be sending at least one letter to. Recently, Pilot sent us a few sets of their amazing G2 pens. Now, I don't know about you, but I still feel as giddy as a grade-school student when I receive new pens. The fact that these come in assorted inks, that is just a cherry on top of the most awesome sundae ever!

Look at all of these beautiful pens!

With all of the technology available to us nowadays, I tend to overlook the awesomeness that is writing a letter or note. When Matt and I were first dating, we wrote one another notes all of the time! Sure, we were in high school with completely different responsibilities (not to mention no cell phones or social media), but I do miss keeping in touch that way. Matt is one person that I'll definitely be sending (well giving, I mean why waste a stamp or envelope?) a hand-written note to. In fact, I've already started one!

Had to use the green gel pen, green is his favorite color. Love the comfort grip and the way the pen glides across the paper!

About Pilot's G2 Pens

The G2 is Pilot Pen's Number One best selling gel-ink pen in America. Touted as the longest-lasting, smoothest writing pen on the market, it is sure to give you all the good vibes when you take those precious moments during InCoWriMo to put pen to paper. Plus, you can't go wrong (or run out of ways to say "Hi")  with any of their 26 color options and four point sizes. 
You can find G2 Pilot Pens at stores like Target, Walmart, and Staples.  Alternately, you can order them directly from the Pilot Pen Website, where you will find refills, personalized pen products, and many other fabulous Pilot Pen products. I've got my eye on the Pilot Enso Plumix Fountain Pen Calligraphy Kit! I think that would make a pretty good Valentine's Day gift and I'm going to give Matt that hint in the letter I'm writing!

Have a Fabulous February and an Incredible InCoWriMo!

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