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5 Smart Bedroom Furnishing Ideas for Twins

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My pregnancy was the greatest thing to happen to us. And the fact that it was a boy AND a girl made things even more beautiful for us! We were super-excited about it.

But, we were also all confused and looking for some twin bedroom furnishing ideas. I've learned a lot over the years, and decided to share some of my thoughts with you!

1. Use gender-specific colors

About the paint, we wanted something non-contradictory. So we decided to paint 2-3 coats of gender-neutral paint. Examples are yellow, white, beige, light green, and even bright colors like red or orange.

2. Choosing themes for your twins

Selecting a theme wasn't a problem when they were small. But, we had to discuss themes with them as they grew up, which can be tricky! While both have lots in common, one never liked dedicating the room to the other's favorite theme!

We decided to stick to something that both loved like matching murals and artwork. We also used more gender-neutral themes like the forest or beach. We started using something they both enjoyed like space, pirates, or book characters once older. 

You don't even have to stick to only one theme. We later learned that complementing the twins' different interests saved time and money.

It's because even the most unique ideas have common grounds. You this way, don't create rifts but give them a corner they are happy in.

3. Twin bedroom furniture suggestions

We found it better to buy two matching sets of furniture complementing each room color. You can then customize individual room sections for each child. Or use similar gender-specific design furniture to create a space of continuity.

When it comes to beds, I always recommend bunk beds for twins. The most significant reason is that it saves space, and uses vertical and not horizontal space. We always placed it against the wall to ensure the twin sleeping on top doesn't fall off the bed.
About bedding, use something befitting each twin's favorite color, cartoons, or book characters. We hung bulletin boards on the wall above each bed once they were older. Our twins liked posting memos, artwork, photographs, certificates, and other things on them. 

A tall boy is useful for their alarm clocks, night lamps, and books. Or you can clamp a reading lamp on the upper bunk bed. Adding ceiling or track lights help brighten the room. 

The room also needs a dresser or chest of drawers for storing pajamas, underwear, and clothes. You can use two dressers if space permits. Otherwise, assign each child specific drawers for specific clothing articles. Finding the perfect pieces for various areas of the room is easy at furniture stores Florida when you take the time to browse. You'll know you've found the right pieces when you see them.

Don't forget the study area. Your twins need a desk long enough for them to share. You can alternatively use two desks placed in an L-shape or on opposite sides of the room.

Image by Kayla Bruner

4. Storage areas are a must

Don't forget to have some neutral-colored storage space for each child. No matter how organized you may be, the only way to avoid clutter is by providing them enough storage area.

There's no need to select a feminine color for the girl's and a masculine color for the boy. Their toys are so different you won’t need to think of a way to differentiate between them! 

You can keep a common area for their shared toys or dedicate a single space for all storage. It's better to decide based on what your twins have in common and how much they play together. 

5. Accessories and personal space

Your twins, like any other kids, need their own space too. So make sure you have some space for them to pursue their hobbies and interests.

No room is complete without the right accessories. Make the most use of the empty walls by fitting them with shelves. Our twins enjoyed displaying their diplomas, crafts, toys, collectibles, and medals on the shelves.

Don't also forget to have some space in the room. Your twins need someplace to play in, like a play area within the room. Keep it well organized with enough storage units. It prevents toys from cluttering the room. 

Besides, our kids started inviting friends over for sleepovers once they grew older. It's in these situations that it's convenient if there's enough space in the room for a sofa or air beds. 
So you see? Yes, decorating rooms for twins is difficult. But, the right planning makes it easier. It's always better to discuss with older twins before decorating their room.

Considering their preferences and ideas help you reach a common theme and layout. I've also learned through experience that the more your twins take part in the decorations, the better they take care of it!

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