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Decorating Bedrooms: Things To Remember

A perfect getaway, a peaceful sanctuary, your personal space to unwind and relax a bedroom is all this and much more to most of us. There is nothing like a restful sleep after a tiring long day. Waking up feeling relaxed and refreshed helps each one of us function productively throughout the day. A bedroom is also a perfect place for a family to spend some time together unwinding and relaxing so space needs to be welcoming and comfortable. Here are some amazing tips that can come in handy while decorating a bedroom.

Choice of color
It’s important that you decorate your bedroom in such a way that it appears to be comfortable and calming. The choice of color be it for the walls, drapes, curtains or bedding should be such that it gives you a sense of peace and calm. Whether you are fond of cool or warm shades choose something that works well with your personal taste. It's always best to avoid primary colors that are bold.  
Choosing pleasant colors and sticking to monochromatic shades is a perfect way to create a soothing atmosphere in the bedrooms. Shades of brown or topaz exude a sense of coziness whereas shades of green, blue and lavender are perfect for creating a sense of serenity and calm.
Choice of furniture
Before choosing furniture for a bedroom you need to have a clear idea about the floor measurements and the space within the room. The furniture that you choose should fit in the room without overcrowding it or without leaving too much of space idle. Avoid choosing a huge bed or a large chest-of-drawers for a small room. If the room is large enough you can add a desk and a chair, an ottoman, or a big dressing table.
A classic four poster bed or a canopy bed would work perfectly in a large room and a bed like this adds grandeur to large rooms besides being comfortable in look and feel. A nightstand set to one's personal taste would be perfect for all bedrooms. If you do have the luxury of space you can add two nightstands on both sides of the bed.
Good lighting
No, bedrooms shouldn’t be dark and dull all the time. Just an overhead light wouldn’t be sufficient to keep your bedroom well lighted. There should be both installed and portable lighting. It’s good to layer the lighting within the bedroom. Small lamps or overhead lighting gives a focused light suitable for reading or dressing. Ambient lighting helps to light up the entire room.
Accent lights can be used to highlight an artwork or a painting in the bedroom or to softly illuminate the walls. Decorative lightings can be used to create a focal point. The lighting in your bedroom should also create a sense of peace and calm that helps you relax completely. Installing dimmers would be a wise idea as it allows you to dim the lights and create the desired mood when it’s finally time to call it a day.
Curtains, bedding, and linen
A window that’s well dressed is a way of framing the view outside. Good choice of curtains also adds pattern, color, and a soft feel to a bedroom. Include blinds or drapery lining for draperies to block sunlight in case you plan to sleep in.
Adorning your bed with beautiful bedspreads and linens adds comfort and coziness. Always choose sheets that are made of pure cotton or linen. Choose colors that will complement the bedroom and the comforter. Adding silk or net draperies for a canopy bed can look and feel cozy and comfortable.
Good storage facility
There should be enough storage space within a bedroom to keep things away and out of sight. A bedroom needs to be free of clutter to appear spacious and comfortable. A bedside table with drawers can keep books, remotes and your glasses out of sight. A bed with storage facility within can be used to store extra pillows, cushions, blankets and bed sheets. Having built-in shelves in the headboard can also help you store your books.
Bedroom d├ęcor
A good piece of artwork or a beautiful painting or two can be used to adorn bedroom walls. You can use flowers, candles, photographs, and decorative lamps to decorate your bedroom. However, make sure that you keep it to a minimum.

Just like a healthy diet and exercise you need proper sleep to be energetic and healthy. Your bedroom plays a major role in getting the rest that your body requires. Keep these tips in mind and create a beautiful space to relax and rest.

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