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5 Fun Crafts and Activities for Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day just a few days away, you might be scrambling like I am to grab last-minute gifts for friends, family members, co-workers, etc. From personal experience, everyone loves a handmade gift- especially if it comes from a child. If you have kiddos and are looking for a great afternoon project that can double as a Valentine's Day gift for someone special, you will love this quick collection of 5 Fun Crafts and Activities for Valentine's Day!

I keep canvas stocked at my house. They are great to have on hand for quick projects! My girl loves to paint, so this is an easy way for her to show her love and express her creativity while making a sweet gift!

This heart photo wreath is simply adorable! It can easily hang on display any time of year! It just takes a few simple steps to create this sweet masterpiece!

If you have a toddler or preschooler, you probably have lots of paper plates on hand for crafts! Go ahead and dig into your craft supplies and use what you have on hand to make this sweet little songbird for Valentine's Day! It can double as a card!

While this may not be a project or craft, it is a great way to give kids the opportunity to use their imaginations and create whatever they want! Little ones will love exploring colors, shapes and textures, while older kids might surprise you with what they're able to create from these simple craft items! It's also a wonderful cold or rainy day activity leading up to Valentine's Day!

One of the first Valentine's Day crafts I can remember doing with my son is this super easy and sweet 'love you to pieces' craft. So easy! You just need a piece of construction paper or cardstock, a marker, glue, and torn pieces of tissue paper to do this one!

We love all of these crafts and activities! We're doing all of these at our house this week, and I am really looking forward to seeing my kids enjoy these fun activities and creating their own works of art and gifts for people they love!

For more crafts and activities for your family to enjoy, be sure to take a look at our other projects and creations here on MBP!

Which of these sweet activities will you do with your family this Valentine's Day?

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