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Things to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring for Your Soulmate!

There are a lot of things that you need to know before you head out to buy an engagement ring. This article highlights all the things that you must know so you can buy the perfect ring for your soulmate. Since engagement rings are usually pretty expensive, you must have a buying guide that helps you make the right choice. It's always good to have a basic idea about what you want and the amount you’re willing to spend before waltzing into a jewelry shop. 

First Things First - Whether you’re buying a ring for your lucky man or your to-be wife, it’s essential to consider their style - not yours! A simple rule to not purchase something your better half will hate is to go with a style that they already like. Basically, it’s time to put on your ‘Sherlock hat’! Get thinking - what type of jewelry does your other half usually wear - silver or gold? Delicate or funky? Let’s assume that you’ve never seen them wear a single piece of jewelry. In that case, ask yourself - are they into classic or modern looks? Do they prefer to go with trends or prefer something with a little history? Unless you’re sure, don’t go with something that is massive and stands out. Since your other half will be wearing the ring almost all the time, go with something that holds a profound meaning while being sturdy. You might want to get a friend on board to help you figure out your loved one’s unique style and create a custom engagement ring for your soulmate. If all else fails, fall back on a classic look, because you can’t go wrong with a classic. 

Size Matters - Whoever said otherwise was lying! The beginning of engagement ring buying process begins with the size, even with lab grown diamond engagement rings. Unless you know the exact size of the ring, you may end up with an awkward proposal. While you might take your other half for ring shopping and figure this all out together, you will lose out on the surprise factor. If you’re more traditional and prefer the element of surprise, you’ll have to do a few tasks. Steal a ring that belongs to your loved one and trace the inner part of the ring on a clean sheet of paper. You can also press the ring into a soap bar to get an impression. If in case your to-be husband or wife doesn’t wear rings, you might want to ask a friend to go around fishing for impressions by using ring-sizers. Another way to not have a problem is to go for a bigger size and get it resized later. Avoid going too small, because decreasing the size of a ring is far easier than increasing it! 

Figure Out the Budget - Before stepping into a store, you must have a budget in mind. Doing this will allow the jeweler to show you options that fall within your budget. Don’t go overboard and in debt when purchasing an engagement ring. Decide to buy one that falls in the most beautiful category but is within your price range. In case you can’t make up your mind, decide a budget, create a custom engagement ring for your soulmate, and seal your love with something absolutely unique. This way, you won’t go overboard and ensure that your better half gets something special. After all, that’s what engagement rings are all about, right? 

Find the Perfect Band and Gem - Irrespective of the type of engagement ring you want, you will have to decide the metal and the gym that will go with it! Simultaneously determine the metal of the band and the gem to compliment it or vice versa. Both are equally important. In metals, you have yellow, rose, and white gold, silver, and platinum - all of which have their unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, platinum is durable, but gold is shinier! 

Similarly, you have to decide on one or more gems - depending on your exact requirements. You may want to go with a lab created diamond wedding band or sapphires or emeralds - they’re just so many! In the end, it really does depend on the style that your other half would like and look great in. Therefore, before you step into a store, have some idea in mind about the type of rind you want. 

Decide the Setting - All rings have a particular setting, which basically means the style in which a gem is placed on the band. After you have decided on the band and the gem, you may want to look at different settings like Tiffany, Bezel, Chanel, Eternity, Infinity, etc. and decide the one that might look best on your loved one. You might want to create a custom engagement ring for your soulmate and mix together different styles for a truly unique setting.

Now that you have a good idea about the thing you need to know before buying an engagement ring, it’s time you get some answers! Start with the ring size if everything else seems too daunting, and then create a questionnaire to figure out whether your other half is more vintage or modern. Little by little, you’ll get to the perfect engagement ring, while learning a lot more about the person you’re in love with! It’s a win-win situation.

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