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Personalised Gifts: How to Make Them More Special?

Personalized gifts have an instant appeal to them because they are meant for the receiver only. It adds a sense of exclusivity to even the most modest of items, which raises the value of a gift beyond its monetary price. However, in order for a personalized gift to be really impressive, the following points must be kept in mind.

Proper Timing

Any gift can become more impressive or less so, depending on the timing of it. For example, if a premium watch with personalized initials is gifted by one’s parents after graduation, it will hold more significance and feel like a prize that the student has earned through hard work.
On the other hand, while the same watch will always remain a premium gift, it may not have as much of an impact if it was presented by his/her parents as just another birthday gift. Proper timing and personalization add value to almost any gift, irrespective of its apparent price.


The occasion is just as important to take into account as the timing. After all, that graduation watch can’t be used as a wedding anniversary gift. A personalised wine glass set would be perfect for such an occasion. As a matter of fact, they would also be an ideal birthday gift if the person is fond of wine. Add a bottle of their favorite wine in the box to make it extra special.
The principle idea is to match gifts to occasions, even before considering personalization. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry to celebrate something special in a couple’s life together or a pair of custom-fit sneakers for an athletic friend’s birthday, relevance is the key to making an impression here.

Personalization for Business: Is It the Same as Branding?

If we are talking about custom-made, promotional merchandise, those are just branding/marketing products, which have little to do with personalization on their own. However, you can also personalize a branded gift to impress clients along the way, a brand promotional gift basket. A short personal message addressed to the gift’s recipient will help you move the client and get your brand across at the same time. It’s a valid marketing strategy for establishing positive connections.

How Should You Personalise It?

The easiest and most cost-efficient way to personalize any gift item would be to use printing. Initials, a significant symbol, special photos, an important date or even the geographical coordinates of a special place can all work.
You might even opt for using some personal vinyl stickers, either with their name or something else that they are going to recognise. This is the kind of thing that can make a huge difference to how personal the gift seems, even if you have made no other changes.
Other than printing, you also have the more expensive option of having the gift custom-made. However, the price of a personalized, custom-made item can go through the roof fast. Reserve those for special clients, close personal relationships, and rare occasions only.
A personalized gift is already unique, but by keeping even the minute details in mind, it is possible to amplify the gift’s value in both business and personal scenarios. As a general rule, though, keep in mind that the more personal a gift is, the more emotional value it will have to the recipient.

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