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Dress to Impress: How to Shine Whatever the Occasion

Everyone likes to look their best. It’s a great confidence booster when your outfit grabs attention for the right reasons. With that said, it is far from a simple solution when it comes to dressing to impress. 
Many different aspects have to be taken into consideration when creating the ideal outfit. Then there’s also the case of being appropriately dressed for certain situations. What you wear for a job interview isn’t going to impress for a late-night party. 

However, the base of creating a striking fashion choice is shared across all situations. If you want to know how to shine whatever the occasion, read on for the following fashion tips: 

Layer up your clothing 

Even in blazing summer weather, you can still figure this point into your fashion ideas. That’s because layering doesn’t necessarily have to be about throwing on a big coat over a jumper – although that is appropriate when dressing for the winter. However, utilizing layers could be as simple as rocking a black dress over a white tee. 
Layering is also an art form that can deliver an eye-catching appearance without too much work. If you start with a simple base layer, this allows you to play around and experiment with a virtually endless amount of combinations. It could also provide an opportunity to repurpose or revitalize any clothing that has been sitting in your closet. 

Accessorize for the finishing touches

When you’re looking for a way to complete an outfit, accessories are the answer. 
To start with, jewelry can create a big impression in an instant. Even if it’s a small piece of jewelry, such as a stunning Annoushka 18ct gold ring, it can grab attention without it detracting from the rest of the outfit. 
Aside from jewelry, a stylish handbag and attractive shoes can help provide those finishing touches for a memorable outfit. 

Focal points 

When selecting clothing, you should always select a few pieces which can act as focal points. This means attire which can be utilized in multiple different situations, a dependable all-rounder that can be effortlessly paired with other clothing. 
When deciding on focal points, jackets and coats make the most sense. After all, they are the outer layer and most visible part of most outfits. A focal point should also avoid being too bold. Remember: if it’s being paired up with various other pieces of clothing, a more neutral color and style will work best. 

Keep comfort a priority 

Sometimes, you will prioritize style over comfort. Think of the times you wore those painful pumps simply because they looked cute with your outfit, or when you squeezed into that dress and caused your limbs to stop functioning properly. 

However, you should always place more of an emphasis on dressing comfortably rather than stylishly. If you can’t quite abandon the opposite philosophy, it might pay to invest in going to a tailor. Not only can you wear what you want, but the clothing will be altered to be a perfect fit.

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