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5 Vital Tips for Rookie Twins Parents

Parenting is a big challenge for new parents, especially when they are dealing with twins. Well, as much as parenting may be complicated, it's obvious that adopting specific parenting methods makes the process easier and fun. Today I'm going to show you stepwise the best parenting methods to be taken by Rookie Twin Parents. 

Working with a clear schedule

Being a brand-new mother for twins can be challenging. Creating a schedule for the babies is vital in making sure every baby has been cared for accordingly. The timetable may mostly consist of the following: 

  • Time for feeding twins
  • Time for making babies sleep
  • Time for bathing kids
  • Time for changing diapers 

By creating the schedule, you are sure that everything is set to avoid constant feeding the kids as you can sometimes forget to treat one of the kids or feed one baby multiple times. 

Hire a nanny 

Having twins doubles the work. Tending to the kids may become cumbersome, and you may consider employing a nanny to help you. Some parents are not comfortable with nannies, and hence you can invite a family member to help you with the house chores. In this way, the burden of taking care of the twins will reduce significantly, and you will find time to relax.

Learn from other well-experienced parents

You may consider connecting with other parents who may help significantly since they have already experienced the same challenges that you might be facing while raising the twins. Find twin parents from your area and keep in touch with them.​

Have enough supplies with you  

Babies’ essentials such as diapers are fast-moving, and you may find out that you are running out of the supplies. Shop for enough stuff to last longer. Remember, two babies will require more since there are two mouths to feed, and everything concerning the babies comes in double. Therefore, it can entirely be hard going shopping with two babies, especially when they are still very young, so you can consider shopping online. This will reduce the burden of leaving the house to go and take the baby’s supplies.

Find a way of not confusing your babies

When dealing with twins, you may frequently find yourself confusing the babies in the beginning. You may tend to feed one kid twice, thinking that it's the second baby. Confusing the babies may be detrimental, and hence rookie twin parents will be required to devise a way of making sure each baby receives independent attention. 


Buying clothes for newborn twins may be expensive, considering they also require upkeep and medical care. To minimize the expenses, you can consider purchasing unisex clothes for the kids during the early months since they are cheaper and need less sorting efforts. You may also find zippers for ease of dressing the babies and saving your time. 

Do not separate your twins to make them sleep 

Yes, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics it isn’t encouraged to nest twins together. That’s because of the possibility of SIDS and other issues. But there is no clear confirmation of the risk between siblings of the same age so far. Moreover, millions of mothers all over the world have experienced putting their twins together with no further troubles. So everything will go well if you are careful and follow these safety precautions:
  • Track the temperature - always check both your babies’ and room temperature to prevent overheating. Don’t put too much clothing on your baby while he’s sleeping. It’s better to fit the room temperature instead (keep it 68-72℉).
  • Make your babies sleep on their back - it’s the most comfortable and safe position. Don’t put any toys and pillows into the baby crib (take them away at bedtime).
  • Provide a firm and flat surface for sleeping - use breathable cotton crib sheets.
  • If the room air is too dry, try to use a baby humidifier to provide ventilation and prevent cold.
  • Ensure there’s enough space for each of the twins so they won’t hurt and disturb each other. If your babies are too active and tend to wriggle - separate them immediately!

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Research for the best baby formula 

Sometimes a mother may not produce enough breast milk to satisfy the babies through their first six months on infancy. To avoid starving the babies, you may consider visiting your doctor for a recommendation of the best nutritious sell formula for supplementing breast milk. The formula supplements make sure the babies are well fed.

Sleep training

Babies experience multiple wake-ups at night, which may come as a nuisance to rookie parents. You may consider hiring a sleep consultant to offer sleep schedules to the babies. Sleep training makes the babies sleep and wake up at the right time, hence reducing the burden of tendering to the babies during late nights. 

Sooth your babies 

To avoid babies crying all the time, find what soothes your babies. Some babies can always be crying due to some sickness; hence it may not be easy to sooth them. In such a case, you need to learn simple checkup procedures to identify when the baby feels bad. Such methods may involve checking the body temperature, runny nose, and other forms of identifying sickness. In the case of crying, each baby has a different way of how to be soothed. Come up with the idea that makes your babies cry less. 

Allow your babies to express individuality 

After the first six months of parenting, now the babies may express their differences in terms of individuality. Find out how to treat each kid separately and appreciate the fact that the kids can be different in their behavior. Take it for granted. You should understand that as babies are growing up, they require different needs and show some changes in character.

Regularly visit your doctor

In fact, it’s advisable to visit your doctor even when none of the babies are sick. The doctor can give you vital significant advice on parenting and how to take different medicine for babies. The medic can find any invisible threats and take action immediately. 


Being a rookie twin parent is exciting but challenging. However, you’re not the first one, there’re lots of experienced parents to share the experience with. Don't push yourself too much when raising your babies. It’s supposed to be fun and exciting. I hope these tips will give you a hand when dealing with parenting issues as they did to dozens of twin mommies and daddies. Take your time and advantage of raising a big loving family.

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  1. These are great tips for new parents of twins. I can see why you would need to be creating a schedule.


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