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Visiting the Philippines for the First Time? Here Is What You Need To Know

The Philippines is one of the most popular trip destinations among Americans and is rightly so, as the place has so much to offer from its beautiful blue beaches to breathtaking rainforests.  If you have been planning for a trip to the Philippines or are already arrived there you have made a great decision. The country is spread over more than 7000 islands, and you can have any kind of vacation you want there. The islands have a lot of luxury resorts as well, where you can enjoy the best of Southeast Asia.

Use the White Taxis

This tip can help you save a lot of money. In the Philippines, you will find a lot of cabs who take the fix rate. I would recommend you not use those cabs. Most of the time the money they will charge will be a lot more than the average fare. So to avoid that it is recommended that you always go for the white taxis that have meters running. This way you will only have to pay a fair amount for your travels in the city. If you have already traveled in the non-meter one and were charged a high fare, then you should get a meter taxi next time.

Cash Is Everything 

If you think you will get through this trip with your credit and debit card, then you are wrong. Philippines is not as card friendly as the US and most of the time you will have to deal in cash. Even the ATMs in the cities are not very reliable as some of them do not even work properly. So it is advised that you should travel with cash to make your trip easier. If you are already in the city and haven’t brought enough cash you do not need to worry. Money transfer services like Western Union let people send money to the Philippines from the US. You can ask a friend back home, and they can send you money to make your trip easier.

You Can Get By With English

The Philippines is not one of those destinations where you will have to learn the language or hire a translator. Children are taught English in schools from a very young age. Especially in the city areas you will easily find people who are familiar with basic English if they are not fluent. But you will have no trouble dealing with restaurants, hotels and beaches. But if you still want to be on the safer side, you can just learn a few basic words of Tagalog. 

It Is Mostly Swamped With Tourists

Tourism in the Philippines is rising at a very fast rate. The country was not that much popular a few years ago, but now it has become a favorite destination for tourists. So, if you are visiting there you should make sure that you make all your bookings in advance. It is always very crowded out there, and for most fun activities you will have to book in advance.

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