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The MOBY Wrap Evolution--The Hands Free Mama

MOBY Wrap Evolution
Thanks to MOBY for providing me with product to review for this article; all opinions are my own.

Mommy’s Block Party Confession Time: I’ve never been one of those moms that used a stretchy wrap like the MOBY to carry Little Bear.  I saw those moms and I always thought they looked so cool and crunchy—somehow wearing your baby seems more eco-friendly than a stroller—but I never did it; it always just seemed easier to carry him.

But as he’s grown, and gotten heavier, it’s gotten harder and harder for me to carry him for more than a few minutes.  Initially I thought I had missed my opportunity to use a stretchy wrap, that he was too big, but when I learned that the MOBY Wrap could be used up to 33 pounds, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out and I’ve been kicking myself for not trying it sooner ever since!  Once it’s on, it’s so convenient to slip LB into and out of for quick trips, walks, or even to just wear him around the house when he’s being extra clingy and mama need to get things done!  
Hands-Free for a Selfie!
The MOBY Evolution is a single piece of stretchy fabric that’s about 18 feet long by 2 feet wide!  I know that sounds so big, but it’s actually a great feature because, unlike a lot of pre-tied or structured carriers, it is 100% customizable to any size wearer, from the petitest moms through the biggest and burliest dads and everyone in between!  

One thing that initially intimidated me about the stretchy wraps was how to tie them.  I will admit that it took me a few attempts to get the tie right (had to watch a YouTube video), but once I felt comfortable with the tie, the whole process seemed a lot less daunting!  After a couple of practice ties, I can get it on in a flash and I’m ready to be out the door!  This really is one of my favorite features of the MOBY Wrap, that you put the whole thing on at home and the only part of the process that has to be performed car-side is sliding the baby in!  Plus, because it’s just fabric, it’s pretty thin when worn, so I can throw an open fronted sweater on over the already tied wrap and I don’t look like a mummy (haha) when LB isn’t in it!
Baby-less Wrap!
Another favorite feature is that the MOBY Wrap is Machine Washable and Dryer Safe!  These are huge factors in my book, because who has time to hand wash baby spit-up off a wrap when both hands are taken up by a fussy baby who refuses to be put down!

One of the catchphrases for MOBY Wrap is "Close Enough to Kiss;" this reminds you to check that baby is being worn safely (literally, that you can kiss him), but I have to say, it also makes for a great picture; hands free!
Close Enough to Kiss
And that really brings it all back around to why the MOBY Wrap is such a great option for use at home or around town: it allows me to carry LB, safely and securely, while keeping my hands free to take care of whatever needs to be done!

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