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Downsizing to a Condo? 10 Points to Remember for a Successful Move

Struggling to clamber up and down the stairs? Fearing the next time you need to mow your football pitch-sized lawn? Perhaps you’re sick of those winter chills and desire relocating somewhere with a warmer year-round climate? Whatever the reasons, you’ve landed on this article for one reason and one reason only: you want to downsize to a condo. 
While the prospect of downsizing is appealing, it’s far from straightforward. To ensure you achieve a successful move, ponder the following list of helpful pointers:

1. Analyze the floorplan 

Before anything, you need to take a close look at the condo’s floorplan. Analyze every corner and inch. Measure your current furniture and see how everything will fit compared to the floorplan. Doing this will ensure less heartache in the future, as you won’t be wasting time trying – and failing – to force an oversized piece of furniture into the condo. 

2. Plan for the downsize

Once you’ve measured the furniture and decided on what you can take, it’s time to prioritize the rest of your possessions. First of all, create a list of items that will land in the ‘must take’ section. These are the possessions you simply cannot leave behind, no matter what the cost. Separate the rest of the items into ‘maybe’ and ‘goodbye’ lists. 

3. Give away what you don’t need

Speaking of that ‘goodbye’ list, a condo move means you have to get rid of plenty of possessions. Deciding what needs to go is tough, but it has to be done. For a rule to follow, consider getting rid of anything that you haven’t used or looked at for the past three months. Also instead of simply scrapping these items, donate them to family, friends and charity. Knowing these items will still be appreciated makes it easier to let them go. 

4. Remember the storage locker

Before you start clearing everything out, remember that the majority of condo units include a certain feature: a storage locker. While these are typically not that big – check the dimensions in advance – they are great for storing any additional belongings that are on your ‘maybe’ list.  

5. Remember the common amenities

When you benefit from the space of a larger house, hoarding various items is only natural. This will include the likes of board games and fitness equipment. However, take into consideration the shared amenities found at your condominium residence. Most will offer the likes of a common gym and games room, and these types of amenities mean you can easily wave bye to any related possessions. 

6. You still need coverage

You might think that, just because you’re paying those HOA fees, all of your possessions and appliances are covered. However, this isn’t the case. If your oven breaks, it is highly unlikely the HOA will cover the cost of replacing it. With this in mind, do not forget to get a condo home warranty before making the move. 

7. Don’t leave everything to the last minute

As with anything, don’t leave the move to your new condo until the last minute. Moving homes is a stressful task, one which involves ample time and planning to achieve success. Ensure you take at least a month to go through your possessions. You will also need to get in touch with relevant businesses and people so they know your new address.

8. Do the math

You’re downsizing. If you’re selling your old house, you will have a large wedge of cash in your bank account. There’s nothing to worry about financially, right? Well actually, you have to remain diligent with your spending. There are condo fees which you will need to pay. The cost of living in your new neighborhood might also be more expensive than anticipated. 

9. Reduced privacy is not for everyone

Before deciding on a condo move, you have to analyze any perceived negatives. Do you enjoy your privacy? If you’re searching for a quiet abode where you can get away from it all, a condo might not be the right choice. Shared walls mean you will hear your neighbors involuntarily, while the shared amenities and outdoor spaces mean those residents cannot be avoided once you leave the condo. 

10. Are you moving to the right area? 

If you are truly getting away from it all and moving to a different state, it’s important to research the area where your condo is based. The last thing you want to do is make the move, find out you dislike the area and decide to swiftly move somewhere else. Before signing on the dotted line, take a trip or two to your new potential neighborhood and see if it’s the ideal fit. 

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