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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Goodbye November!

Happy Saturday, friends! It's the last Saturday of November and the last day of the month. Can you even believe it? November was a pretty great month- R won a student of the week award, D turned 12 (and also won a student of the week award), we had an awesome Thanksgiving with our loved ones, and we put our Christmas tree up last night! We are pretty lucky!

Today, we're going to end the month with a trip to the grocery store, ahead of the first anticipated winter storm of the season. Afterward, we'll probably decorate our tree and continue weeding through the things we have that we just don't need. The girls did an excellent job sorting through toys last night, I'm impressed with their ability to not be attached to 'things' and I'm hoping they can help me with that skill as we go through their rather large book collection. There are books that have been here since D was a baby and sentimentality is kicking my behind. 

Have you started weeding through the things you don't need? What happens when you get to something with sentimental value? Help me out and let me know by leaving a comment below or catching me on the MBP Facebook Page

Have a smile-filled Saturday!

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