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Trendy Engagement Rings: 7 Things to Expect in 2020

Are you looking to pop the question to your partner soon?

Proposing to someone requires everything to be as perfect as it can be. You have a lot of things to consider when preparing to do so. The ambiance needs to fit the mood; the scene has to be beautiful, and you need to look your best to make sure this moment is one to remember.

The engagement ring also needs to be the best one you can find. This will become the focus of the proposal. You will need to find trendy engagement rings to make the night perfect. If you're willing to travel for the perfect ring or are considering buying an engagement ring online, this Denver jewelry store has an incredible selection of unique, classic, and quality rings that are sure to wow.

Read on to know which kinds of rings will become the trendiest when 2020 comes around.

1. Colored Gemstone Rings
Colored gemstones have always been a beautiful choice for engagement rings. This ring has seen an increase in popularity thanks to some influence coming from big names on social media.
Colored gemstone rings often have a silver band to put the focus on the gemstone. This is when you’ll customize it to fit your bride-to-be.

A popular choice is to have bright and sharp colors to contrast the band. This also emphasizes the ring while your bride wears her wedding dress. The likely white dress will allow the ring to pop out.
Another popular trend with colored gemstone rings is having the bride’s birthstone be the gem. Combining it with the different cuts you can choose from, this gives the ring a touch of personalization for the bride.

It also helps that rubies, sapphires, and rose quartz ring are rising in popularity. This will only make them trendier in time.

2. Emerald-Cut Diamonds
The emerald cut is coming back in style and most people expect it to be the trendiest engagement ring by the time 2020 rolls around. These rings involve large gems on either a decorated or bare band. They’re also cut into a rectangular or square shape.

These rings bring a touch of sophistication to the bride wearing it. What’s great about it is that its design can relate to modern trends. Large gems go well with today’s large accessories and will make it a perfect fit for any look your bride will want to pull off.

These rings also do well in refracting light. This makes them the most photogenic rings for their knack for photography sessions.

3. Lab-Grown Diamond Rings
More people are becoming greener and considerate about the environment. This is the reason most people go for lab-grown diamond rings instead. These as beautiful as traditional diamond rings with the added characteristic of being more beneficial to the environment.

As the name suggests, they’re synthesized in labs. This means there’s less refining involved to make them into gems worthy of engagement rings. It also means there’s no need to mine anything underground.

This is the ideal ring for couples who want to make any gesture to help save the environment. More jewelers are also looking to have them in their shops by 2020. This should make it easier for you to get your hands on one.

4. Floral Cut Rings
Thanks to a few celebrities wearing them, these are among the trendy engagement rings in 2020. This ring features a simple band of neutral colors. Often, they have no decoration at all.

This is because the focus of the ring is the intricate design it has. Floral cuts often feature a single gem surrounded by an array of smaller gems. The smaller gems surround the gemstone in a floral pattern, hence the name.

These smaller gems are often colorless diamonds to make the centerpiece more beautiful. Some rings go beyond though and add some color and design to the smaller gems. This makes them look like actual flowers resting on the bride’s finger.

This is the perfect ring to showcase the femininity of the bride. It does this with no sacrifice to the elegant style or modern design. These are the reasons that should put floral cut rings on top of your list.

5. Three Stone Rings
The world got a clear look at Meghan Markle’s ring during the royal wedding in 2018. This brought back the world’s fascination with the three-stone ring. These rings often have a thin band that allows for more focus on the 3 stones resting on top of it.

2 smaller gems often surround both sides of a larger centerpiece. These mean to represent the past, present, and future of the groom and bride. They’re often represented by small diamonds and a colorful gem at the center.

You can also mix things up and try out other gems for the side pieces. What’s important is that you keep them smaller than the focus of the ring, the large gem in the middle.

6. Stackable Diamond Rings
Stackable jewelry isn’t new by any means. They’re often used for bracelets and necklaces to personalize someone’s style. Incorporating this in engagement rings is a rising trend.
Stackable rings often interlock with each other to form a single ring with a unique design. This can make your bride’s ring look one of a kind. Engagement rings like these also have diamonds embedded in them.

7. Vintage-Inspired Rings
It’s no secret that customers love vintage-inspired rings. Clean and symmetrical patterns are trending and no jewelry company can pull off these designs better than those with experience in the department.

This is the reason Art Deco and other companies will be happy to see an increase in their designs in 2020. You can also expect them to release more designs that you will love.

Pick the Perfect Ring Among These Trendy Engagement Rings Today
We hope that this list of trendy engagement rings will help you choose the perfect ring.
Planning an engagement party or wedding doesn’t end with getting the right ring. Fortunately, we’ve got more tips to help you out. Check out our other lifestyle guides now to get started!

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