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Simple and Clever Auto Gifts for Moms

With the holidays approaching, now is the time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the special mom in your life. Let's face reality- moms are busy. Most of the time, they are the ones doing the running and spend a lot of time in their cars. Instead of gifting another throw-away mug from the local discount store, why not gift her something she'll truly appreciate and find practical? Useful gifts are not only thoughtful, but they're also very meaningful to the recipient.

Here are a few ideas of clever auto gifts for moms:

Car Coasters

Car coasters aren't just for decorative purposes- they're incredibly useful. I can't tell you how many times I have begrudgingly cleaned the gunk out of the car cup holders, and it's always a yuck job. They are tough to clean, and every little bit of moisture that gets into them mixes with crumbs, dust or dirt, making it incredibly gross. Toss kids or pets into the mix, and well, I don't have to tell you how much more 'yuck' that can add to the equation. Car coasters offer sleek or colorful designs to add a personal flair to the car. Some can even be personalized. The thing they are most helpful with, however, is absorbing moisture. This allows for easy cleaning of those much-relied on cup holders!

All-Weather Floor Mats

How many times have you had to beat out the upholstered mats in your car, or vacuum them to get them spotless? It's not an easy task. This time of year, leaves and dirt become ground into those floor mats, and they are so hard to get clean. All-weather floor mats are a great gift option! They can be taken out of the car easily and hosed off for quick cleaning! Mud is no match for a great set of rubber floor mats!

Seat Organizers

Want to give mom a gift she'll truly love? How about seat organizers for her car! It's no secret that moms wind up having their cars junked up by kids or pets- or both. She'll easily be able to organize items needed for the car with the back of the seat organizers. Kids can store their tablets, cups, snacks, tissues, and personal items in these handy organizers with ease, and keep items off of the floor or back seat.

Spotify Premium

One of the coolest gifts you can give a mom with Bluetooth tech in her car is a Spotify Premium membership! Monthly memberships run about $15.00, and come with 5 accounts! You can share the accounts, or gift them to others. Mom can quickly make playlists and download them, then connect and play through the car! The kids will never be crying for music in the car again- mom can turn on everyone's favorites with a simple click.

What type of gifts would a special mom in your life love to have for her car?

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