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My Kind Of Stocking Stuffers Are From Crystal And MyChelle! #MBPHGG19

Thanks to Crystal and MyChelle for providing me with product. All thoughts are my own.

I love Christmas stockings and my favorite thing to find in my stocking are things that I will use on a daily basis.  I know, I know...that's not fun.  I usually do all the stockings at my house and I fill Chris and Aiden's with the same type of things.  Shampoo, deodorant, body spray, body wash and some candy and treats.  Crystal and MyChelle have some wonderful products that you would be excited to find hidden in your stocking!
MyChelle Dermaceuticals

I was so excited to check out both of these wonderful products. I have sensitive skin and try to really watch what I use on my face.  I also have very dry skin and have to use moisturizer on my face.  I have tried many, many products and have not found one that I love.  I love the 2 products that I received from MyChelle and hoped that it would be a product that I loved.  I received the Ultra Hyaluronic Beauty Mist and Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Cream.  I have been using the cream on my face after my morning shower.  So far, I am very happy with it.  I don't feel like it leaves my face sticky and I feel like it really moisturizes.  It also doesn't leave my skin with a wet or shiny look.  It has a light scent that has not bothered me at all.  I really like the mist.  I have been using it in the evening before bed.  I love how my skin feels after when I apply the mist.  It is cool and refreshing.  My skin seems to like both of these products and so do I! 

Ready to check these out.

Hydrating cream

I love reading this!

Spray mist

CRYSTAL™ Deodorant

Let's talk deodorant!  That is something I have struggled with for the past year and a half.  I never thought much about what was in the deodorant that I used until some friends were all talking about changing to aluminum free and I decided I'd check into that.  After a little research, I thought I would go aluminum free and ordered a deodorant that had great reviews.  Within 2 weeks, I had the worst, reddest, itchiest rash I had ever had and ended up having to get a prescription cream from my doctor.  Since that time I have tried several other aluminum free deodorants and have had itch and rash with them.  I desperately want to find one that doesn't disagree with my skin.  I have been using the Crystal deodorant for 2 weeks and so far, so good.  It goes on very smooth and is not clumpy at all.  I love the scent and I feel like it works all day.  I have had no redness or itch and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it continues.  I think I have finally found the deodorant that I can use.

I love the mint.  Aiden is using the mountain fresh and he says he likes the scent.

Another great label.

Want it?  Get it!
Make sure to head over and check out the websites for MyChelle and Crystal.  You can connect with MyChelle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Connect with Crystal on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  You can also find them featured in our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. 

Surprise your friends and family with these special treats in their Christmas stockings this year.  It will be the best stocking stuffer they have ever had!

Specail thanks to MyChelle and Crystal for allowing me to share these products with our readers!

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  1. Great natural deodorant products. All of these are really awesome. I like all of these collection. I'm also looking for Thai Crystal Deodorant.


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