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Hair Removal Methods: Yea or Nay For Women With Sensitive Skin

Hair removal isn’t exactly a pleasant experience, regardless of what method. But when you have sensitive skin, it can go from not-so-pleasant to terrible experience real quick. You’re unsure of which technique to go for because it’s either your skin would be okay, or it would react negatively to an extreme. 

If you’re one of the minority, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Luckily, it doesn’t always need to be guesswork. Learn about some hair removal methods and where each stands on the sensitive skin ordeal. 

YEA - Sugaring
If you’re looking for the safest hair removal method for your sensitive skin, then look no further than sugaring. For starters, it’s made from all-natural ingredients. Simply put, it greatly minimizes the risk of skin irritation that’s often caused by artificial ingredients used in wax. What’s more, it removes the hair from the roots so you can enjoy being hair-free for weeks. 

Compared to waxing, you don’t need to wait for your hair to be at a certain length since sugaring can remove tiny hair. Plus, the sugar paste is used to remove in the direction of the hair so there’s lesser pulling on the skin. Consequently, there will be less chance of irritation and less pain. 

YEA - Threading
Threading is another natural hair removal method that pulls the hair from the roots. But this time, it uses a thread, instead of DIY sugar wax. Yep, just a thread will do. There’s no heat, some sort of wax material, nor electric current involved. Therefore, women with sensitive skin need not worry about burns or allergies. 

With a good tech, it’s absolutely ideal for any skin type. While some get redness and bumps after a session, these symptoms go away quickly. But there’s a catch--a huge one that is--threading is only used on facial hair. Bummer, I know but that’s that. 

YEA - Electrolysis 
To many people, hair removal isn’t that of a big deal. But if your skin is very sensitive, then it’s certainly justifiable to feel scared and anxious. This is probably why some women want to just get rid of their hair, so they don’t have to worry about their skin reacting badly to many hair removal methods. Fortunately, we now have electrolysis today. 

Electrolysis is the only FDA-approve permanent hair removal method, thanks to its impressive track record. It works for all skin types, complexions, and hair colors. This method uses an electric current to damage your hair follicles and has three modes. For any discomfort, possible side effects, and results, they vary depending on the mode used and the skill of the electrologist. Electrolysis can be painful, so a topical anesthetic is usually prescribed. 

NAY - Waxing
Waxing is many people’s go-to hair removal solution, or at least to those with normal skin. Waxing when you have sensitive skin could result in peeling, redness, or worse, scabbing. In fact, some situations of skin sensitivity that waxing is extremely discouraged. In other scenarios, only a few parts of the body cannot tolerate wax. 

There are several causes of negative reactions to waxing. For instance, using the wrong type of wax can lead to extreme redness or bruising. It can be because the wax is wrong for the area or it has poor quality. Other waxing issues can be due to the improper removal of the wax or failure to prep the skin correctly. 

NAY - Shaving
Most women, if not all, have razors or have used one at least once. Many are a razor kind of person because it is what they grow up on. For ladies with sensitive skin, shaving is quite notorious for leaving a trail of nasty side effects. Nonetheless, you don’t need to completely write it off. 

More often than not, shaving isn’t the problem. Rather, the wrong products and tools used are the culprits. For example, a good-quality razor paired with equally good-quality shaving cream is what you should be using. If you’re still having negative reactions, examine the ingredients of your shaving cream. Your skin may have an allergic reaction to a common shaving cream ingredient.

How about hair removal cream or depilatories?
According to many women, depilatories work magic. And yes, they are truly great at removing hair. When it comes to results, it can win against shaving. Furthermore, if you compare it with waxing, it’s preferred by countless women. 

Why? Simply because waxing is painful and depilatories aren’t (source). Nonetheless, it is still the least favorite method for those with sensitive skin. Depilatories are packed with strong chemicals to break down each hair follicle. Suffice it to say, it’s bad for sensitive skin. 

So, what’s the verdict?
Obviously, if you have sensitive skin, then your options are sugaring, threading, and electrolysis. Unfortunately, you’ll probably need to stay away from waxing and shaving if you’re overly conscious of your skin. 

As for me, I’d pick sugaring among those ‘Yea methods.’ Electrolysis is too expensive for me so it’s out. I’d choose threading as well if it’s for my face. But in general, sugaring wins this time.

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