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Why Corporate Event Planning Should Come Naturally to a Mother

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If you are a new mother trying to get back out in the workforce, you may have considered corporate event planning as a profession. After all, this is a flexible job that can be a lot of fun. 
However, some mothers may find the idea of going out in the workforce as an even planner a bit daunting, especially if they don’t have much experience. Well not to worry, your experience as a mother makes you more than qualified. 

Read on to find out why motherhood can get any woman qualified for the best practices in corporate event planning. 
Corporate Event Management
When you’re doing pre-event planning, timing is everything. A missed deadline could mean you are unable to get the vendors and venues you want. Live music entertainment could already be booked. Caterers may have full schedules and be unavailable for your event.
With motherhood, missing a deadline can be much more crucial. Take the arrival of your infant for instance. What would that be like if you didn’t have the food, clothing, and supplies your baby needed? And let’s not even think about what would happen if you miss a school enrollment deadline or a doctor’s appointment! 
Corporate planning best practices heavily rely on teamwork. Not only do you have to count on your staff, but you also have to count on your vendors, the host, the venue and anyone else that may be involved.
Motherhood also involves teamwork. It takes a village to raise a child and you, your spouse, friends, relatives, doctors, and teachers must all come together to make sure your child gets the best care possible.
The Guest Experience
As a planner of corporate events, your ultimate goal is to make sure your guests have the best experience possible at your event. 
As a mother who is constantly working to make her baby happy, you develop a sense of empathy that helps you become more familiar with how to please people. This is a skill that will make you a terrific party planner.
There is no doubt that being a corporate event planner takes out of the box thinking. Well, motherhood takes the same kind of creativity.
If you think of your position as a mother and an event planner, how often do you find yourself having to make do with what’s available? Pretty darn often! Therefore, when you move into your position as an event planner, this kind of thinking should come naturally.
A Positive Attitude Towards Learning
Let’s face it, being a mother isn’t going to prepare you for every aspect of event planning. You may be surprised to find out how much technology and financial skills will come into play and these aren’t always focused on in motherhood. 
But what will start to develop is the ability to learn, adapt and stay positive. This is the kind of attitude that will leave you open-minded for anything that comes your way.
If you are a mother that is thinking of getting back into the workforce, why not give corporate event planning a try? It’s a flexible job and you may be surprised to find out how well you are able to take on the responsibilities. Good luck moving forward in this next stage of your life. 

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