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Video Gaming & Its Increase in Popular Culture

Every year it seems like a new video game is coming out. Video games have been around for decades. Gaming consoles have taken the world by storm since their conception. And now newer gaming accessories like the razer gaming mouse have been made available in the market to improve a gamer's gaming experience. Gamers have grown so extensive they have their own sporting tournaments and professional platforms where you can win monetary rewards. To learn more about how video gaming has advanced in the last decade or two, visit www.wepc.com.

Video gaming is fun, and it is just as an American and now Universal past-time as seeing a movie or participating in recreational activities such as sports. People, not only kids, literally every age has embraced the new age culture of gaming. They review the best PSP games (Play Station Portable) as serious they rate a 5 Star Resort. Incorporating a social telecommunication aspect where friends, family, and even complete strangers have taken gaming to an entirely higher level of competition. 
League of Legends is a revolutionary online battle arena video game stage that offers more fun, intrigue, and money! League of Legends is a Riot Games product, allowing more than a single player at a time to compete in a gaming community. This has led to elite worldwide competitions that fuel this booming industry. 
Platforms like Twitch Build are increasing in popularity. It is an online site that allows users to watch or broadcast live streaming or pre-recorded video of broadcaster's video game gameplay. 
Twitch has gained status due to live streaming and the rise of eSports which included any genre of gaming from Call of Duty to EA Sports games. Thousands of professional gamers stream their live game action which is view by millions of users. One main factor for its success is that it restricts its broadcast services to video games only. 
Twitch Build takes into the record the number of wins that you have made, the number of times that you have lost by other players in the game and the number of times that you have provided assists. Some of the other outcomes of your competitions that will be recorded include damage dealt with players, the damage is taken from competitors, and the number of rewards earned. An overall of these outcomes is computed and then used in deciding the overall champion placement as part of the ranking. 
There are concerns with this live all-included gaming era we are in now. Despite the growing popularity, Twitch and other real-time user-generated content is not always the safest platform for kids. The games also can be very violent and suggestive. Many people like the lack of individual regulation, gaming tournaments rarely have an age-limit themselves. There is cause for legitimate concern on how it affects the vast majority of youth where in the past many children were outside playing and now they are inside on video games not just on gaming consoles but even on their cellular devices playing games like Candy Crush Saga all day long. Live streaming is naturally unpredictable, which is part of the appeal for many viewers, but this makes it difficult for well-meaning parents to monitor what their children are watching and saying. For example, one notorious instance led to a young man under the age of 15 “joking” about do a violent act as an overreaction to him losing, next thing you know the police are handcuffing the minor outside his home with his parents begging for the authorities not to take him away. Kids say stupid things, unfortunately, and the random acts of violence that have affected our political climate is finding its way into even communal video gaming. There is a responsibility that many may not be aware of that one needs to live up to so that they are not in this scary situation. 

Virtual reality is where the new wave of gaming is going as well. It used to be a once upon a time where you only saw virtual reality in vintage Star Trek movies and 007 films. The reality has come to fruition with headset devices that can take you from your living room to the Saharan Desert or the busy streets of Downtown Manhattan with a click of the switch. Virtual reality, League of Legends, gaming, in general, is making its way into Hollywood and in sports and entertainment at the highest levels being funded by the wealthiest companies. There is a lot to be excited about in the gaming world and we know this world is not short of creativity.

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