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Keeping Your Family Healthy This Winter

During the winter months, viruses, colds and chest infections spread like wildfire from family to family, to the point where it is often unavoidable. Being around so many people at work and school mean germs will encircle you, so it can be hard to escape seasonal illnesses. If your immune system is low or you already have an existing illness, this can become even more of a worry.

Don’t fret too much, though, as you can take control of your family’s health this winter by putting a few strategies in place. Here are some useful tips to bear in mind.

Wash hands
One of the most obvious tips on the list is to make sure everyone is washing their hands regularly. Germs linger on the skin, so if your child puts their fingers in the mouth, they’ll be much more likely to come down with something. Washing hands removes dirt, germs, and harmful bacteria from the skin, so they don’t spread to other objects or people. As soon as your child gets home from school, encourage them to wash their hands straight away, but you may need to find ways to make it fun before they get into the habit of it.

Eat healthily

It’s extremely important to pay attention to your diet particularly during winter, as eating healthily can help boost the body’s immune system. Although it may be cold outside and you’d rather snack on junk food as a form of comfort, this will do nothing for your body health-wise. You should be eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, as well as plenty of carbs such as potatoes, rice, and pasta to keep your immune system in check.
Make sure your heating is working properly

When the weather turns colder, proper heating is essential for your family’s comfort and safety, especially as you’ll be spending the majority of your time indoors. Staying warm is critical, so your body has a greater chance of fighting off germs and viruses, which may be attacking your immune system. Your home should be heated to at least 18, especially if you have existing health problems. HVAC Atlanta, GA install home heating systems as well as carrying out repairs, so you’re well-equipped for those upcoming frosty months.

Stock up on medicines

Making sure you’re well stocked up on medicines such as ibuprofen, paracetamol, and decongestants is always worthwhile so that if one of your family members does come down with something, they can be treated quickly. If you have an existing health condition or pregnant, you’ll have a much lower immune system than the rest of society. In this case, your doctor may also advise you to have a flu vaccination.

Take immune system supplements
To prevent getting ill in the first place, you could always take immune-supporting supplements to keep you in good health and lower your risks. Most of these supplements contain vitamin C which is the vital component to a healthy immune system. Always check the packaging beforehand to make sure that the supplements are suitable for kids.

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