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Fighting Childhood Cancer One Beanie At A Time: Love Your Melon #MBPHGG19

Thanks to Love Your Melon for providing me with product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

In my opinion, there can never be enough support given to cancer research, cancer patients and families affected by cancer. Cancer takes so much. Love Your Melon is working tirelessly to give back and I for one, am 100% on board with this mission!

I've seen Love Your Melon circulating around social media for quite a few years now. I've always been curious about this company but until recently, had not actually educated myself on what they do. If you are in that boat- stick around today! 

Love Your Melon 

Love Your Melon was founded in an entrepreneurship class at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota by two friends, Zachary and Brian, who wanted to start a business with a meaningful and positive social impact. On a mission to improve the lives of children battling cancer since October 22nd, 2012, Love Your Melon began with the simple idea of putting a hat on every child battling cancer in America. 


After achieving the original goal of giving 45,000 hats — one for every child battling cancer in America — Love Your Melon set a new goal of giving one million dollars to pediatric cancer research and providing immediate support to children and their families. To date, we have given over 6.2 million dollars to the fight against pediatric cancer and over 170,000 hats to children battling cancer.

Amazing, right? I'm so thankful that Love Your Melon is partnering with Mommy's Block Party because there can never be enough press, support, funding and attention given to cancer patients and the overall plight in developing life-saving medications and treatments. I've been personally affected by cancer. A few months ago, my best friend left this world and was carried by the angels to her heavenly home. She battled cancer for 14 months and during those days when the air was crisp and chemo had taken her hair, she loved to wear little caps and beanies. 

When I think of cancer patients, I immediately think of their comfort. I pray for their comfort and their peace. Comfort is one of the most priceless, valuable and yet intangible feelings we take for granted every single day. When we are comfortable, we may not recognize why that is. When we are uncomfortable, we can't ignore it. Providing these amazingly soft and comfortable hats to cancer patients all over the country is such a beautiful endeavor! I'm grateful to be able to shed light on Love Your Melon and hopefully encourage someone else to consider this amazing company as you begin your holiday shopping.

This is the Black Speckled Pom Beanie which costs $45. It is one of the more expensive hats that are available. You can find adorable beanies, socks, headbands, kids collection and more for around $20 which makes Love Your Melon the perfect price point for a special person in your life!

Adorable LYM socks $20

Baby beanie $20

With Christmas approaching (quickly!), head over to Love Your Melon and finish your holiday shopping early! Receiving a special gift from this company is going to be so meaningful for that special person in your life. Maybe you want to gift your child's teacher something special that he or she will remember always? 


Fifty percent (50%) of net profit from the sale of all Love Your Melon products is given to the Love Your Melon Fund to support our nonprofit partners in the fight against pediatric cancer, create therapeutic experiences and fund charitable programming initiatives for children and families battling cancer. We calculate our 50% net profit donation after taxes. The amount of money given to our non profit partners is equal to the amount of money retained. 

You may notice every year around this time, I try to introduce you to companies that I personally believe are making a positive impact in our world. I want to encourage you today that if you feel small or that your contribution will not matter, just imagine if five thousand of us who had that very same thought were to purchase a gift from Love Your Melon. Little old you, or me, could be the one that helps fund a new cancer treatment. Wow!


Love Your Melon products are available via their website and you can stay current by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Thanks again to our friends at LYM for allowing us to share all about their amazing company and beautiful products!


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