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Don't Miss These Beautiful Fall Road Trip Spots in Virginia

One of the most thrilling things about the fall season is packing up the car and taking in a road trip to experience the beauty of the exquisite fall foliage in person. Looking through friends' photos of fall leaves on social media can sure be beautiful, but there is nothing like experiencing fall in all its glory for yourself. Even spur of the moment day trips can add a pop of fun and excitement to an otherwise ordinary day. Virginia is known for its gorgeous scenic routes, and what better time of year to enjoy them than in the heart of the fall season?

Once you've prepped your car for a little road trip, the adventure can begin! You'll want to make sure you are driving a trustworthy and reliable vehicle if you plan on taking a road trip, or even a quick day trip. There's no sense in getting all psyched up for a day of adventure, only to have it ruined by unwanted or unexpected vehicle complications on the road.

Keeping your car in tip-top shape is a great way to ensure it'll take you everywhere you want to go. Long driving stints are even good for your vehicle every now and then. They are made to move, after all. If the weather is chilly, give your vehicle a good amount of time to warm up before taking off. Also, be sure to only bring the minimum amount of items needed along for the ride. Loading your car down will cut down on its ability to obtain good gas mileage.

There are so many beautiful spots throughout the lovely state of Virginia, which offer gorgeous glances at fall's most majestic painted skies. Pick a spot that is easy to get to- either for the day or for a couple of days. If you plan to stay overnight, map our your route beforehand, and make sure you make a hotel reservation ahead of time to avoid hotels being sold out of rooms. If camping is your idea of a wonderful fall adventure, check out these top camping spots in Virginia.

Here are some other top spots to enjoy during the fall season in Virginia:


Pass Mountain Overlook

Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains

The Blue Ridge Parkway

If you're seeking a fall getaway experience of the family in beautiful Virginia, Colonial Williamsburg is absolutely stunning this time of year. There are so many options for shopping, dining, fun, and not to mention all of wonderful historic sights!

No matter where you wind up in Virginia this fall, it's bound to be beautiful. Be sure to make time to take a trip to enjoy all that the beautiful state has waiting for you this season.

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