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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Hitting the Pause Button

Happy Saturday, friends! The Wigglesworths are on our way to the movies to check out an advance screening of the film Abominable! I was feeling a little "mom guilt" over having R miss her soccer game this morning but after this somewhat (okay, TOTALLY) chaotic week, I think each of us could use a little break from the "regularly scheduled" and just enjoy a little family bonding. 

I don't typically discuss work, and I'm not going to go into too much detail here, but we are short a lunch aide and holy guacamole it hasn't been too pretty in the lunchroom the last few days. I'm confident that everything will be fine and things will settle down, but this week....wooooooooooooo!  It's been a trip. This weekend though, this weekend I'm going to focus on awesome. Whatever brings us a smile or a laugh. Whatever brings us joy. 

Nothing beats adventures with these two! We'd do anything to make them smile.

Both girls have been wanting to see this movie, so we were excited when the opportunity to attend the screening came up. The girls don't know yet, because we love to provide as many (good) surprises as we can. I'm sure we'll spend much of the car ride listening to their guesses as to where we are going. That will start a chain reaction of requests for us to tell them, followed by us insisting that we cannot because it is a surprise, followed by a few more requests and some more insisting, ending in an "I knew we were going to the movies" from one or both girls. It happens every time we are going somewhere and they don't know where. I think that's pretty awesome!

After the movies, maybe we'll head out to a park. It's supposed to be a gorgeous day, not too hot, but not quite the autumn weather I'm waiting on. A picnic would be pretty great. Something that allows us to hit the pause button on our schedules and allows us to have some family bonding time together. We simply don't get enough of it during the week. Family bonding time...definitely awesome!

What kinds of family bonding activities do you enjoy most? Leave a comment below or give MBP a shout on our  FacebookTwitter, or Instagram pages. 

Have a spectacular Saturday!

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