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Nitin Khanna: Believing In The American Dream

When it comes to success stories in America, there are many great examples of entrepreneurs who rose from nowhere to find themselves on top of the business world. This has been the case with Nitin Khanna Khanna, who exemplifies numerous aspects of the American Dream. Born in India, he took an unusual path to success. Unlike many entrepreneurs who immediately start out in the business world, Nitin Khanna instead turned his attention initially to academia.
Eventually winding up at Purdue University in Indiana, Nitin Khanna was an excellent student and earned both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Industrial Engineering. However, while contemplating whether or not to move on to a Ph.D. in Robotics, Nitin Khanna found himself wanting to use his talents to explore the business world.

After much thought about what to do next, Nitin Khanna decided to take his college education and interest in the business world to begin life as an entrepreneur. Having been exposed to many types of different family businesses as a child, he knew from the beginning it would take unparalleled hard work and commitment to be a success. However, he was up to the challenge. Taking a job with Oracle Corporation, Nitin Khanna learned business from the ground up. Thus, it was not long before the thought of being his own boss led him to venture out on his own.

At the relatively young age of 25, Nitin Khanna and his brother Karan, himself only 20 years old, came together to found Saber Corporation, a high-tech company. As fate would have it, the company was founded at about the same time the controversy surrounding the 2000 U.S. presidential election was in the headlines. With electronic balloting systems being called into question, it became clear to Nitin Khanna and Karan that an opportunity was there for Saber Corporation. Using their business knowledge and high-tech skills in software and engineering, the pair were able to secure a contract with the State of Oregon to develop balloting systems that were reliable and accurate.

Armed with this first contract, Nitin Khanna and Saber Corporation were off and running. Soon, the company found itself gaining a worldwide reputation for excellence and results. Because of this, not only did other states soon want to do business with Saber Corporation, but other nations came calling as well. Before he knew it, Nitin Khanna and his company were designing and implementing state-of-the-art software systems for not only high-tech voting machines, but also other important functions such as driver's licenses, unemployment registration, and other vital services.

Now having realized the American Dream, Nitin Khanna decided it was time to start giving back to others. Knowing his success as an entrepreneur was built upon others believing in him and his abilities, he decided to focus on finding and helping nurture the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Thus, he actively supports and contributes time and money to The Initiative, a Portland-based organization dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs develop new businesses. Along with this, he also gives time and money to Our Giving Table, a Portland nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating childhood hunger across Oregon. 

As a person who never chooses to sit back and rest on his accomplishments, Khanna is already looking ahead to new adventures within the business world and beyond. Along with choosing to invest in Indian-based high-tech companies, Nitin Khanna is also pursuing many other interests, including film production and wines. In fact, he has produced award-winning movies and wines along the way, demonstrating a knack for success in a wide range of areas. In the years ahead, there is little doubt that whatever Nitin Khanna chooses to focus on, success will follow.

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