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A Better You With HempFusion Products!

Thanks to HempFusion for providing me with samples. All thoughts are my own.

This is an amazing basket full of wonderful from HempFusion. I am fairly new to the CBD and Hemp product world.  I have tried several brands and products and had good results with them all, so I definitely believe they help.  For me, the area I need help in is sleep.  

The only thing I have not liked about the CBD oils I have used recently is the taste.  It is horrible!  And that is just my opinion.  I received some wonderful liquid capsules in my basket that promote restful sleep and they are so easy for me to take before bedtime and not have to worry about the taste.  I am ordering more of these soon because they have become part of my every night routine.  I can tell that I am able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.  I usually lay in the bed for at least an hour, many nights much longer than an hour just trying to fall asleep.  I don't usually sleep longer than 2 hours at a time and am lucky if I have 4 hours of sleep by the time I get up in the morning.  The very first night I tried the HempFusion sleep capsules, I fell asleep within 30 minutes of going to bed.  I still woke up a couple of times but could tell the next morning that I was more rested than usual and had gotten more sleep than I normally do.  This first night alone was enough to make me want to continue trying out these capsules.

Wonder what's in the box?

Wow! Surprise! 

Aiden and I are both using these every night before bed.

I'm sure this is good stuff...can't wait to try it out.

I have been using the balm on an itchy spot that I have on my hand.  

This is yummy!

These are the best!!  I take a stress capsule every morning before school.

Look at this beautiful basket that everything came in.  I love it!

This is my bedtime buddy!

Just a squirt in my water.

This is from my FitBit and is a pre-HempFusion usual night.

This is the very first night I tried the sleep capsule from HempFusion.

It get's a little better every night.

I finally feel like I am getting some much needed rest. 

I have also been using the water soluble liquid every day.  It's just a squirt in my water bottle and it gives me my full daily serving of omega vitamins.  I teach Kindergarten and sometimes have stress up to my eyeballs.  I take a daily stress capsule each morning before school.  I feel like my mood stays on even track....though I'm not too moody on a regular basis.  I just feel more "chill".

Why is HempFusion® CBD better than others? Because making the ECS work is about more than CBD. Just as nature made an Orange rather than a Vitamin C tablet, it made the Hemp plant rather than isolated CBD. Evidence of the “Entourage Effect” suggests that CBD + a wider array of cannabinoids works better.

Why HempFusion...

  • Full spectrum hemp CBD generally works better than CBD isolate assumingly due to the presence of omegas, terpenes, and other supportive nutrients.
  • However, most CBD brands that call themselves “full spectrum” only contain trace amounts of omegas and terpenes as most are lost in the harsh extraction processes used by others
  • Scientifically, terpenes like beta-Caryophyllene have been shown to be incredibly important to the ECS, just as cannabinoids like CBD have been. In addition, research reveals that omegas 3,6 are also key in supporting how the ECS operates.
  • HempFusion is different. HempFusion delivers nearly 1000% more terpenes like .beta-Caryophyllene vs. other leading brands because of our unique Hemp One-Pass Extraction™ process and proprietary approach to infusing other beneficial botanicals to deliver Total ECS Support™. HempFusion®. It All Adds Up™.
Want it?  Get it!
Head on over to the HempFusion website and check out all the products they have to make your daily life better.  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I am so thankful that I have found HempFusion products.  Special thanks for allowing me to share about these wonderful products with our readers!

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