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19 Years Ago Today- I Found My Best Job

Have you ever been part of a conversation where someone asks you where you were when...?  It usually occurs when something negative happens, but for me I try to remember where I was when good things happen too.  
19 years ago I was working for a nature based gift store and I was feeling really run down. I was on my break and laid my head down and fell asleep.  Being so out of character for me I knew something wasn't right.  My coworker joked that I was acting pregnant.  I was amused because there was no way I could be pregnant.... or could I be?  The thought planted in my head I decided to buy a pregnancy test.  That night I took it and sure enough the lines were there indicating I was indeed pregnant.  I was terrified. 
How was I going to tell my mom?  I was a single woman and just shy of my 19th birthday.  My firsts thoughts were "Oh great, I'm a statistic".  It sounds harsh but if I said I felt any other way, I would be dishonest.  My mom and my family were excited, though.  I struggled being pregnant.  I had morning sickness the entire time, being unable to sleep I would sleep in an arm chair because it was the only way I would get any sleep.  I didn't like being pregnant.  I knew from the moment I found out my life would be forever changed.  I wasn't sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing but it would surely change.

My life changed for the better.  I would put headphones on my tummy so E could listen to music that would calm him, I read stories from a fairy tale book I purchased and to this day it still sits on his shelf.  His first song he knew all the words to was the song I played on my tummy.  This baby was going to be my entire world and nothing would change that.

I have watched him grow into the most respectful and thoughtful young man, I have ever met. My job of being his mom will be a permanent one.  I am so grateful for him every day.  Despite my fear in the beginning, I was made for this.  I found my best job.  It is the one job that fulfills my heart and my life in ways any other job I have had could never.

Where were you when you found out you were pregnant?
What was your first thought?
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  1. I was married and it was just a few day before our 5 year anniversary when we found out. I was TERRIFIED! Like close to passing out terrified.

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