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Victor Allen's Single Serve Gourmet Coffee Is The Delicious Way To Keep You Going All Day

Thanks to Victor Allen's Coffee for providing me with product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

THE KIDS ARE BACK IN SCHOOL! Did that grab your attention? I see you, my fellow parents and I'm WITH you. A new school year is upon us and our calendars are already filling up. If you haven't stocked up on your coffee stash yet, let me help make that one less item for you to think about!

For years, I would buy one to two boxes of single-serve coffee pods in the grocery store during my regular grocery shopping trips and I realize now how much money I could have been saving by ordering from Victor Allen's Coffee online!

Here is a little history about this company:
Victor Allen’s Coffee was founded in 1979 in Madison, Wisconsin, and became a leader in the specialty coffee segment. At Victor Allen’s, we strive to consistently offer the finest premium coffee with pride in bean selection and expertise in roasting and packaging.We look forward to being your source for high-quality, great tasting, specialty coffee products.

Victor Allen's Coffee is so special because they offer a wide variety in flavor and purchasing options. They offer a monthly subscription option that you can get for yourself or gift to someone else! I absolutely love this as a Christmas gift idea. 

If you're a daily coffee drinker, you may want to hint to your loved one about this gift idea. Perhaps you are not a coffee drinker but your bestie or family members is and this would be a perfect gift subscription for them! Check out how their coffee subscription works and comment below if this is a gift idea that appeals to you!

Our friends at Victor Allen's Coffee were kind enough to send over two boxes of their variety packs! The 96 count box is $35.99 which breaks down to around 37 cents per cup of coffee! This blows my mind. When you shop for coffee pods in a grocery store, you're looking to pay closer to $1 per cup of coffee. As I said previously, I can't believe how much money I have wasted in the past paying for boxes of pods in the grocery store. 

Victor Allen's prices are absolutely amazing. The coffee is also wonderful! My husband and I drink coffee every single morning. We are not avid coffee connoisseurs but we enjoy our morning cup of joe. 

When we first received our coffee in the mail, I made a cup for my hubby. He works from home (as you can see) and yes, he is standing up. He started using a standing desk about 6 or 7 months ago due to some back issues and it has helped significantly. That's a story for another day! Here he is giving me a thumbs up after trying an Italian Roast coffee pod. 

There are some really fun flavor combinations that are available via their website such as this Holiday Favorites Box which provides 54 cups of coffee for $15.99! 

Not a fan of the premade selections? You can customize your own bulk coffee pack!

Perhaps your business is looking for an amazing company to purchase bulk coffee? Victor Allen's Coffee has you covered there too. They cater to the individual as well as the large business and the same care and attention is put into both. 

Here are some of the flavors and options you can find online at VAC:

Of course you'll find the traditional blends you're used to seeing such as: Italian roast, donut shop blend, morning etc. Do you have a "go to" blend? If so, let me know in the comments section. I love seeing your favorites! 

Want It? Get It!

You can order VAC via their website and can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that you do not miss out on sales, specials and giveaways! There is currently an amazing giveaway going on RIGHT NOW and here is what you can win:

This incredible giveaway ends in a few days so be sure to jump on it!

Special thanks to our friends at Victor Allen's Coffee for the incredible supply of coffee they sent to me to review. I am a big fan and hope you'll check them out as well!


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