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The Nuts and Bolts of Planning an Industrial Chic Wedding

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If you love the rustic or vintage chic theme, get ready for the latest trend to enter the wedding scene: industrial chic. This theme gives a modern spin on vintage-inspired décor reminiscent of the industrial age. It’s all about giving raw materials and unrefined details, such as visible pipes, exposed brick walls, and cement floors, an elegant but edgy look.

This theme is the perfect blank canvas for you to come up with unique wedding party ideas.
Where do you start? 
Wedding Dress
Industrial chic weddings have an understated yet elegant vibe, so your wedding dress should reflect that. Poofy dresses like ball gowns are reserved for more extravagant motifs. Instead, opt for streamlined silhouettes, such as column or A-line, or show off your curves in a mermaid or fit-and-flare dress.
If you find the cut of your dress too simple for your taste, you can compensate through the details. Pearls, lace, sequins, or a lattice bodice are graceful details that juxtapose well with the venue’s rugged vibe. Vintage designs also complement the theme, so you can use your mom’s hand-me-down bridal dress. Just make sure to have it altered to your size and take it to a professional wedding dress cleaner, so it doesn’t look old and loose.
The key factor in choosing a venue for this theme is the interior. Tall brick walls, exposed beam ceilings, unpainted walls, and visible pipes provide the “industrial” feel of the wedding. Check out different event spaces, warehouses, and industrial lofts that offer these architectural details.
Another thing you should look for in the venue is wide, open spaces that lend themselves to customization. This will allow you to design the area exactly how you want it, which is important since the charm of industrial chic lies in the décor.
Industrial chic weddings, the ceremony and the reception usually take place in one venue. You need to rent a space big enough for both settings. But be careful not to leave too many empty spaces in your floor plan, otherwise, your party may look boring and lifeless. Consider renting furniture, draped linens, and other decorative pieces that can serve as a partition between the different areas of your floor plan.
Lastly, consider the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems of old venues such as warehouses and restored factories. Their systems may not be updated. If you’re planning to tie the knot during summer or fall, you may need to rent space heaters, fans, or generators to keep everyone comfortable.  
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Go all out with the décor since the venue is mostly just a blank space. Lighting fixtures, geometrical figures, and metal furnishings are typical of an industrial chic wedding. Stick to a monochrome motif of black and white with accents of gold and bronze to maintain the industrial vibe. Liven up the setting by adding rich foliage; the green of the plants can act as an accent to the neutral palette.
Don’t be afraid to mix textures. You can pair black metal chairs with a dark wood table, finished with fine silver cutlery. Mix vintage pieces like Edison bulbs or a gold chandelier with contemporary features like sleek, metal furniture. In addition, you can use luxurious tablecloths to cover your tables. Check out table covers wholesale to get them at the lowest price.

The beauty of an industrial chic wedding is that you start with a blank slate and then customize according to your taste and style. It’s about taking the concept and making it your own. It’s up to you and your partner to embrace the trend and use it to achieve your dream wedding.

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