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Unique Wedding Party Ideas

It is hard to come across an original wedding idea. If you do not want your wedding to be cookie cutter, you need to have some unique ideas.
Here are some unique ideas that will help you to spice up your wedding:

Guest Transportation

If you will transport your guests from the wedding to the reception, you should consider renting cool transportation.
You could also rent a hot air balloon to take your transport options to the next level. If you are feeling nostalgic,
you could hire yellow school buses to ferry your guests from the ceremony to the reception.

Thoughtful Favors

You should think ahead if you want to keep your guests comfortable throughout the day.
Out-of-towners will enjoy custom soaps that will keep them from using hotel samples.
If you plan to dance all night long, you should consider providing slippers so that your guests can take off their uncomfortable shoes.

For an outdoor wedding on a sunny day, you can provide sunglasses and sunscreen to keep your guests happy.

Wedding Dress Change

Because all eyes will be on you, make sure that you change out of your wedding dress and into a flirty dress for the reception.
If you have not found a wedding dress, you can find some great options her.. You should also have fun with your reception dress choice – make sure that it is a fun piece.

If you do not want to change out of your wedding dress, you should consider letting your hair down or changing your shoes.
You could also add some pieces of jewelry to your outfit to make it look different.

Convenient Child Care

You should consider hiring babysittersto take care of the kids. If possible, you should dedicate a whole room to the little ones;
this will allow the parents to check on their kids.
You could outfit the room with toys and games to keep the kids entertained.
You can also place some blankets and sofas in the room so that the kids can fall asleep when they tire of playing.

Video Confessional Booth

You could rent out a video booth to allow your guests to record messages for you.
You can then ask your wedding videographer to include some of the best videos in your wedding video.
Moreover, you can post the best video confessions on your wedding site.

If you are trying to find a registry, you should take advantage of your wedding website – ask people to donate towards your honeymoon.

Decked-out Transportation

If you want the guests to remember your wedding long after it is over, you should come up with a memorable wedding exit.
Maybe your car-loving friend might be willing to chauffeur you to the reception whilst showing off his mustang.
Do you have an old car from high school? It can look cool with streamers and a ‘just married’ sign.

Serve Cocktails Differently

You could grab the attention of your guests by serving cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in a cool way.
For instance, you can serve them on colorful trays that catch the eye.
You could also have waiters standing at the reception entrance with drinks ready for the guests.

Unexpected Wedding Music

Of course, having a DJ to provide entertainment is good but you can take things up a notch by hiring a jazz trio.
If you want to have fun during cocktail hour, you should consider hiring a mariachi band to provide an unforgettable night of entertainment.


The above tips will help you to plan a fun wedding party.
If you have a wedding planner, you should ask for unique ideas.

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