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Teaching Your Teen Skills To Successfully Use Transportation

Nearly 75% of teens and young adults, ages 18-23, are unable to change a car tire. Before your child embarks on a new journey of independence, whether that's going away to college, moving to a new city, traveling abroad or starting a job, they’ll need to learn safe and efficient ways to get around. Teaching your child the important skill of mastering transportation will not only make the transition to independence easier for them; it will also give you peace of mind that your child is safe and able to succeed on their own.

Learning To Use Public Transportation 
Even if your child uses their own vehicle as their primary mode of transportation, it’s still important to familiarize them with alternative methods in case something should happen to their car, or if they move to a large city, where public transportation is more convenient than driving. If your child is going away to college, teaching them to take public transportation can help reduce the risk of drunk driving as well. Make sure your child has access to bus maps, as well as train and subway schedules. If your child has a job or lives off-campus, have them practice their commute using public transportation at least once.  
Car Repair And Maintenance 
As soon as your child begins learning to drive, you should also impart the basics of caring for a car. Every driver should know about checking fluid levels, changing tires and getting routine inspections. You can enroll your child in a class that teaches these skills, and encourage them to read the owner’s manual that comes with their car. Teach your child a few DIY skills for minor repair jobs, such as painting small scratches, replacing wiper fluid and changing air filters.
Creating A Transportation Budget 
Teach your child that their car is not only a means of transportation, but also an investment, and encourage them to keep it clean and fix any cosmetic damage as soon as possible. Proper vehicle maintenance, such as an AutomotiveTouchup paint job and body work, improves a car’s resale value and slows down depreciation. Make sure your child keeps track of how much gas they use per week, or how much their train tickets or bus passes cost, and help them find ways to stay within their limits. Many college campuses offer free shuttle services; encourage your child to take advantage of such amenities. Also encourage walking or bicycle riding whenever possible.
Learning how to travel safely, both locally and abroad, is a vital survival skill. Talk to your child about best practices for using public transportation and maintaining a vehicle. Equipping your child with know-how to get around in a new and unfamiliar environment will help them emerge more successfully into adulthood.

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