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How Do You Adjust to Change?

All you parents out there with school-aged kiddos, I see you. The back-to-school chaos ensues and some are sending your littles to kindergarten, driving them to school for the last year, or sending yours for their last year of high school. Change is never easy. I feel like Hendrix was just a baby then I blinked and now he's almost 4 and Maverick is already 17 months old. All of this is hitting this mama harder because Hendrix starts preschool in just one week.
I'm so excited for Hendrix because having stayed home, we do have play dates, but they are not always consistent. I think he is absolutely ready for preschool-the learning, the socialization, and to be doing something for him. Knowing all of this doesn't make it much easier for me to think how big he is getting.

As a mom, I've always wanted to mold my kids to be independent, kind, and curious. The preschool we chose is one that fosters all of these qualities and more so I have no worries in that regard. 

My worries are: 

Will he cry the first day? 

Will he make friends? 

Will other kids be kind to him? 

Will he be kind to other children? 

Will he listen to his teacher? 

Will it be a struggle to get him to go? 

Having talked to other mamas, these are all valid concerns, but I know Hendrix is in capable hands. He will be able to be around other kids his age consistently throughout the week and will be challenged. 

I feel like I'm handling the change well overall. If I'm honest with my feelings and talk it out, I usually handle change better. 

Even though we know our children will be okay, we always have some concerns. It's always important to talk them out because others are feeling the same things, too, and can help you through it.

What worries do you have with your kids starting school? 

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