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Dog Days of August

This little man is my buddy.  We adopted Thor in January after 5 years of trying to convince my husband I needed a dog he finally agreed.  It has been a long road and this puppy has big shoes to fill as he came to us after losing our puppy, Titan.  Titan was our world and losing him was the hardest thing we ever experienced.  There is and will never be a way to replace him.

 Thor is fitting in nicely with our family and I am so grateful for him.  This little bundle of energy was adopted exactly 7 months ago today.  He already knows that mommy is the sucker and daddy and E are the bosses.  My neighbors have taken him in like he is their grand pup and take him for walks when we aren't home and even when we are.  They take glamour shots of him so I don't miss anything he does.

August is considered the dog days of summer so instead of complaining about the heat, I decided to show off the puppy that has made me face my diagnosis of anxiety and depression head on.  I can already feel a sense of calming when I come home to him.  Both of my pets are people animals and love attention and snuggles.  Sara follows me around and Thor seems to know when I am having an off day and will climb in my lap and snuggle.  Sometimes I think it is just a ploy to get out of going outside in the heat (see the leash).  

He is the biggest goofball, but also one of the most charming dogs I have met. The head tilt that all dogs do is the cutest on him, but I read that it is because he is so focused on what you are telling him and he wants so much to hear what you have to say.  
We crate trained him from a pup as I was concerned about accidents in the house and about how he would act with our cat, Sara.  Now this is his happy place and he wants to be here for nap time and bedtime. 

Now while I worried how he would act with Sara, I think I should have been more worried about how she would act with him.  She is the one in charge for sure.  She loves to run up on him and swat his behind to make him chase her and it usually is when he is trying to eat.  He figured out a solution though... he moves his bowl next to her so he can eat and keep an eye on her. 

Do the animals in your house run the show?
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