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6 Best Attractions in Tbilisi

Tbilisi offers you the harmonious blend ancient and modernity with cultural highlights. You get impressive concert halls and theatres. The city is full of life and always on the move. Wherever you are, whether in Old Tbilisi, Rustaveli Avenue or Aghmashenebeli Avenue vibrancy is everywhere.  You enjoy the city life with the best quality Eurasian food where food is considered an art. Despite all its challenges, the city managed to protect its identity and remain authentic. The Georgian wine, one of the oldest wine regions with over 800 years of wine-making history, is famous for its authenticity. Just enjoy the stay with traditional toastmaster- Tamada. 
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Walk Through Old Town 

The charm of old along with tradition makes you feel great. Just walk through the old town Tbilisi and enjoy local art shops, wine houses, and narrow by-lanes. Forget the recent facelift; there is still plenty of originality left to give you the classical European feeling. Don’t forget to be in one of the Kinkhali houses—small local bar to enjoy the traditional touch. 

The Sulphur Bath

In the middle of the old town, you will get the world-famous Sulphur Baths. The Abanotubani district sulfur baths give you the ultimate natural spa therapy to relax and rejuvenate. Well, summer it is bit avoidable due to a higher temperature. Since it is a major tourist attraction, most of the baths operate 24x7. Depending on your budget and need to experiment, you can choose baths of your need. 

Holy Trinity Cathedral

The huge Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi or locally known as “Sameba” is one of the hot spot for tourists for its designing marvel and architectural brilliance. Since it has been reconstructed, it is tough to get the feeling of originality. However some of the factors like height of 97.5 meters, making it third-largest Orthodox cathedral in the world, makes it a hot destination. 

Mother Georgia Statue

If you want to enjoy the panoramic view of the city then the best way to do so is to use the cable car to reach the high hilltop where the Mother Georgia statue is located. You can also opt to walk if your time and courage permits. You can get this cable car from the eastern part of the city. It is cheap but you will definitely enjoy the ride as it crosses the old city from the top. 

Local cuisine

If you want to experiment, the Tbilisi is the place which will offer you the variety of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Russian food at one place in the most original form.  Although most of the dishes are heavily meat-based with an extra dose of cheese, you can enjoy delicious vegetarian foods as well. The best, considered a national dish, is the Khachapuri. The “fluffy” bread with cheese filling in the middle and egg on top.  Try it for its uniqueness and originality. 

Tbilisi has the charm of old-world culture and history along with the vibrancy of the modern world in a limited sense. You have all you want to enjoy your stay and relax with Sulphur bath. 

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