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6 Basic Tools Every DIY Homeowner Needs

Tackling DIY projects is a great way to improve and upgrade your home. Beyond that, handling these tasks on your own will save you money, and increase the value of your home at the same time. There are hundreds of tools you can buy to work on your projects, but we’ve outlined our top six essential tools. 


In the world of tools, the jigsaw is the jack of all trades. While rarely the best tool to use for any specific job, this saw is capable of tackling a wide array of projects for you. Thus, it is vital to have in any DIYers toolkit. 

A well powered jigsaw and a variety of blades can handle a multitude of cuts. Jigsaws are probably best suited for cutting circles in wood, plastic, or metal. But, with the right blade, the can tackle a variety of cuts.

Circular Saw

Circular saws are perfect for straight cuts through different materials. Similar to a jigsaw, you can buy a variety of blades to use on different materials. Unlike a jigsaw, though, they have a much more powerful blade, making them perfect for cutting through heavy lumber.

Circular saws are great for your everyday cuts, and can handle quite a bit. They don’t have the sophistication or precision that a table saw or band saw has, but they will do an adequate job for most of your projects. 

Cordless Drill

If you’re still drilling or screwing things by hand, then you’ll benefit from owning a cordless drill. Practically every DIY project you encounter will require either drilling or screwing pieces together, and a cordless drill will make short work of that. 

Cordless drills are also incredibly handy. You can take them into tight places and use them for a variety of needs. For example, with the right adapter, a cordless drill can be used to mix cement. This versatility makes them a valuable tool to add to your tool box. 

Note: where cordless drills shine with convenience, they sometimes can lack in power. Unless you’re spending a lot of money, even the cheapest corded drills will outperform their cordless counterparts.  

Random Orbital Sander

One thing that can separate a DIY project from amateur to professional looking is the way it is finished. Sanders are essential tools when working on wood projects, as you can take rough wood and finish it smooth. 

Sanding is essential to do before painting or staining, and a random orbital sander makes it quick and easy. They aren’t very expensive, and the random component of it ensures you don’t develop any sanding patterns (which can happen if you do the job by hand).

Brad Nailer

A brad nailer might not make it to the top of many DIYers list, but the tool is incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of situations. Whether installing baseboard or attaching veneer, a brad nailer is a nail gun that quickly shoots nails into your material. 

Brad nails have larger heads than other types of nails, making them surprisingly adept at holding material together. Combine this with strong wood glue, and you can actually replace drilling and screwing for some of your projects. 

Angle Grinder

Last on our list but certainly not least, you should add an angle grinder to your box of tools. Somewhat similar to jigsaws, angle grinders can be used for a whole host of tasks, not the least of which is grinding metal. 

Use an angle grinder to cut tile and stucco, to remove old paint, and to remove old grout. An angle grinder can be used to cut through tough material in weird angles, and is one of the best tools to cut through metal. 


DIY projects are a great way to improve your home while saving money, all the while getting to create something with you hands. Having a few essential tools will make your work easier and the finished product better. Or, save yourself even more money by hiring tools and equipment from a specialist like Kennards Hire.

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