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Social Stigma Women have to Face for Hair Loss

You might be surprised how many women face hair loss these days. More than 25% of women in America suffer from some form of hair loss by the age of 35. Even so, the subject is rarely mentioned. The majority of these women are unaware that so many people can relate to them, nor that there are multiple methods that have proven highly effective at restoring the majority if not all of their hair.

It is the purpose of this article to shed light on this subject and remove the social stigmas that women have to endure in present days. We’ve discovered four different stigmas that almost all women with hair loss are placed into. For more in-depth info about hair loss and how you can avoid it, check out http://nisimreviewsfast.info 

All four of the following stigmas are completely incorrect and should be addressed immediately. Once you’ve read through these, make sure to pass the information along to anyone who feels this way. Even more importantly, reach out to any woman you know who suffers from hair loss. Perhaps we can help enlighten these poor women about the many treatments out there that are available for them.

Let’s get going!  

#1 – Women Cannot be Beautiful Without Hair

Absolute rubbish! How foolish a stigma is it to insinuate that a woman cannot be beautiful without her hair. While I’m sure many of you agree that women are beautiful, regardless of their hair’s condition, you’d be surprised how many disagree. (Men and women alike!)

While there’s nothing wrong with an individual preferring long hair to short, it is highly unfair to conclude that a woman suffering from hair loss can never be beautiful on the whole.

#2 – Hair Loss in Women Means They are Very Sick

Many people assume that all women suffering from hair loss have cancer or some other horrid disease, forcing them to undergo chemotherapy. While chemotherapy does cause hair loss, it is only one of many causes of hair loss in women.

Hair loss can be caused by anything from poor diet to an auto-immune disease. So, the next time you see a woman with a hair loss condition, don’t just assume that she is sick or dying!

#3 – A Woman Losing Her Hair is no More Difficult than a Man Losing His Hair

Unfortunately, this is just not true. While we wish that the world regarded hair loss in women as the same with men, this isn’t the case. We’re not just referring to the fact that people tend to place stigmas on women more often than men. We’re also referring to the fact that the cause of hair loss in women is much more difficult to determine.

The majority of men lose their hair because of genetics. Women lose hair for hundreds of different reasons. Luckily, modern medicine makes it easier to determine the exact cause and many women can be treated for that issue.

On the other hand, the social stigmas that we’re currently talking about, especially the first one, cause women to be more affected by their hair loss than men. We’re heartbroken to hear the many stories about women who have lost all their confidence thanks to their hair loss condition.

We can resolve this stigma by spreading acceptance and support for these women. The more they realize that the world is on their side and no one is judging them for their hair loss, the more likely their confidence will be restored!

#4 – Nothing can be Done for a Woman Who Lost Her Hair

There are actually more potential treatments for women than there are for men. While men are stuck with getting a DHT blocking hair loss shampoo at an early age or a hair transplant, women have simpler treatments available.

Not all hair loss conditions in women can be treated. However, many of them are minor and can be resolved with very simple scalp treatments.

If you know anyone suffering from hair loss, urge them to go see a doctor about it. Make them to visit a good aesthetic clinic to get some solution to this problem. They may be surprised by the number of possible treatments that could help them restore their natural hair. There are many highly effective treatments such as PRP injection treatment at Sydneys Hair and SkinClinic.
If not, support them and build their confidence as best you can!

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