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North Carolina Real Estate – 2019 is the Time to Buy

Did you know that house values in North Carolina have increased by more than seven percent and are expected to increase still further? If you're looking for homes for sale in North Carolina, now is a good time to invest—and, if you're listing houses for sale in North Carolina, you may stand to make a profit. 

As you consider the North Carolina real estate marketplace, you'll likely start your research online—looking at homes for sale in North Carolina from the comfort of your living room. These days, many buyers and sellers are completing their transactions there too as increasing numbers of people are abandoning the conventional buying/selling platforms and opting for real estate technology.

North Carolina Real Estate Market

The North Carolina real estate market is forecasted by a top real estate company to witness more increase in home values to the tune of roughly four percent. Currently, the median price of homes currently listed in North Carolina is $275,000, but much depends on location. For instance, in major cities like Charlotte and Raleigh that are associated with a diverse employment sector, homes tend to be more valuable because the location is so attractive to buyers. Houses for sale in North Carolina that are located near major attractions and cities tend to be the best investments.

Benefits of Real Estate Technology

As you begin to check out the North Carolina real estate scene online, you'll likely be impressed by the benefits of real estate technology, especially if you haven't been house hunting or involved with homes for sale in North Carolina for some time. It's easy to take virtual tours of homes—and sellers who spend time marketing their houses for the online community tend to make out better at sale time. Real estate technology can help buyers and sellers track important data about location and trends in the North Carolina real estate marketplace.

Buying and Selling Online

Buyers and sellers of real estate can do more today than just view home listings. For example, it's now possible to buy and sell real estate online. Increasingly, sellers are turning to iBuyers to sell their houses online without even having to list the property. iBuyers are investment companies that purchase property online and later sell it. This is a great way to sell a house quickly for upfront cash. By going the traditional route with a real estate agent, the process of buying and selling can take months—months of frustration fraught with setbacks and expenses.

Get to Know the Marketplace

Whether you're planning to buy or sell a home in North Carolina, take time to learn more about the online marketplace for North Carolina real estate. You now have more options than ever to consider. As with anything, there are pros and cons involved in any route you take, but one approach might be better for your situation than another. Also, if you do choose to take the more unconventional route, you can always find a real estate company if you find this approach doesn't work for you.

With the North Carolina housing market performing so well today, it's no wonder that many potential buyers and sellers are scrambling to get involved. It's a good time to buy before home values increase even more and it's a good time to sell if you're hoping to achieve some profit. Consider the trends and decide if 2019 is the right time to make your move.


  1. I never heard of ibuyer before. When a market is red hot, sometimes people don't have time to actually see the property, esp if it requires travel, someone else will have scooped it up already. So many people want to move to North Carolina!

  2. Interesting. We are friends with a couple that recently bought a home in NC. We visited last Spring and though it is in a subdivision you don't really notice because it has a huge beautiful wooded lot. I fell in love.


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