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How to Use an Infantino Baby Carrier

The Infantino baby carrier is the amazing 4-in-1 flip convertible carrier that is super-convenient for both the baby and the mother. It is your ideal baby carrier for babies growing from infancy to their earlier toddler stages.

The Infantino baby carrier comes with a narrow seat design alongside padded head support that holds the baby’s body in the right position for movement from one place to the other. You can also switch the carrier to a wide position to provide an ergonomic sitting position that gives the baby more room to move the legs widely. The device comes with a cover bib to ensure protection for your carrier and your clothing.

Choose the Right Carrier for your Purpose
To use an Infantino baby carrier, you need to begin by choosing the right size for your purpose. The usual types of Infantino baby carriers you can find include the wraps, Frame backpacks, Mei Tai, and the front soft structure. The Wraps are usually made from a piece of large fabric and can be tied in different ways. Its flexibility makes it easy for mothers to adjust. This is the best type for indoor home usages.

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The Frame backpacks are used for larger babies and toddlers. They are the best options for adventures such as hiking. They come with great storage and fully support babies at the back. According to Adventures Gear Lab reviews, The Frame backpacks are the best baby carrier for hiking.
The Mei Tai baby carriers are quite similar to the wraps but they come with stripes coming from different corners to support the baby or toddler. They can be a lot easier to wear and even added on top of your traditional baby wraps. The Mei Tai can be used when going outdoors, especially to malls, parks, and other recreational centers but they are not the most suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking.
The Front soft structured baby carrier is designed for those smaller babies who require lots of support at the front and back. It is also ideal for babies or infants who prefer the front-facing option and find it difficult to hold their heads in one place. For easy wearing, the front soft structured carrier is designed with several buckles and this feature differentiates it from the wraps carriers.  

Carry the device in the Right Position
Aside from choosing the ideal carrier for your intentions, you need to identify the right position to carry your baby in. The commonest options are the Facing-in, facing-out, Hip carry and back carry.
Facing in option is most suitable for the smallest infants and newborn babies who require a firm neck and head support. Make sure the baby is in an “m” position where the knees are slightly higher than the bottom, to protect the hips.
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The facing-out position is for babies who have passed the newborn phase and may hold their heads up by themselves. This position should be chosen for babies who can hold their heads out and look at the world while still being close to their mothers.
The Hip carry position is ideal for both small and large babies because it is natural for both the baby and the carrier. In this case, the baby will face the mother and then straddle the hips of the carrier, thus it is quite versatile and useful in every way.
The back carry is ideal for the baby who can sit up, on his or her own and that will give them a little space to look around. The back-carry position is very great for hiking because the front and both arms are completely free to move.

Make Sure You Bend at the Legs and not the Back
Parents ought to be extra cautious of that extra weight of the baby when baby-wearing a carrier. You don’t want to lose your balance or the baby slipping out of the side especially when using front carriers. To avoid this issue, make sure you bend with the legs rather than leaning forward to keep the baby in the upright position when using the Infantino carrier. Make sure you watch your steps and avoid pavements, steps, and any other obstacle when putting the baby in your carrier.
If you are buying an Infantino baby carrier for the first time, make sure you adjust the straps and figure out which of the positions is the most secure, then tighten everything until you become comfortable. You may want to try the Infantino carrier with a teddy bear or doll, as a practice before using it for the baby.

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