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Can Birds Eat Weetabix?

This may sound like a bizarre heading for a blog, and indeed an odd question! However, it’s one of a vast and diverse range of similar online queries.

What’s the strangest thing you have ever seen a bird eating? Some scavenger species will peck the meat off a chicken carcass (cannibalism?)or gobble up a beak full of road kill! Yuk.

Have you ever wondered just how far the menu extends for British garden birds?

Confusion Over Food Stuffs Left For Birds

The British public love to put out bird food. They know it helps the beloved creatures to survive but it also offers homeowners a source of entertainment and interest. 

It can be a confusing topic though, judging by some of the other queries online. This includes questions related to “can birds eat ...” grapes, biscuits, crisps, crackers, breakfast cereals, cooked rice, cooked porridge, raisins, and even chocolate and cheese! 

Evidenced by online comments, some homeowners – with the best of intentions – leave out vegetables (such as frozen peas) and pet food for their feathered friends too. Not to mention the torrid debate on social media regarding the relative virtues of feeding bread and other bakery products to wild birds.

Is This Abundance Harmful?

This may sound fun, and it could be that some feathered garden visitors are on the receiving end of some rather splendid feasts. However, all these online searches highlight an important fact.

It’s far too easy to make a mistake. Whereas understanding what you can and can’t feed to birds can be easily resolved by providing quality bird food specially formulated to meet their specific health and survival needs.

This avoids any chance of accidentally providing them with foodstuffs that are toxic in their little bodies or offering up items that are choking hazards!

Why Specialists Products Make Sense

The best example of this is good quality fat balls

Unlike waste fat from food preparation in your kitchen, these fat balls are entirely free of any artificial additives, impurities or harmful food particles. Instead, they are moulded from suet for birds, a substance that is a superb source of energy, especially in the harsh winter months. Suet pellets for birds are like little healthy power packs for your garden visitors!

They will certainly keep them warm and moving better than instant porridge or Weetabix would!

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