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Best Ways To Teach Your Kids Healthy Habits

Making Things Truly Fun
There’s much to think about when it comes to keeping your children healthy—but to do the best, you may want to look in the mirror first. Consider: on the one hand, you could spend $40 a month on a gym membership—$480 a year. On the other, you could put down $210 a year for an annual beach pass somewhere like Newport, California and spend two hours trying to surf every day. 

If you like surfing, swimming, feeling the sun, and meeting up with people, you may get more from surfing. At the gym, you’ve got to show up and hit machines with a bunch of sad-faced or steroid-sipping strangers. On the beach, there’s the glory of the ocean, the sun, and people relaxing. 

Or maybe you’re a cyclist--a $300 bike used daily can do more for you in a year than the gym if you’re diligent. These options take a minimum of several hours several days a week for best results. If you could surf or cycle for a few hours three days a week, you might enjoy it, and get in shape quick.

Here’s the lesson for your children: even adults have difficulty doing things good for them when those things aren’t enjoyable. Learn to surf, and get a healthy body thrown in. Try just for the body at the gym, and it can take years to get results. Or, you might get them quick. The point is, if you enjoy something, you pursue it from desire rather than obligation.

Uniforms And Imagination Stimulation
Your kids are just the same, they’re just not capable of expressing such a complex concept. If you want kids to be healthy, you need to get them involved in healthy activities they legitimately enjoy. Hiking, fishing, swimming, sports, biking, dancing—most children are going to fit into one of those categories.

If you’ve got a dancer in your family, you’ll want to get them the best clothes, as dancing is up to destroy clothing through regular use. Determine what kind of outfit your child will need, then choose the best one at Just For Kix. Similarly, any activity your children do will require proper clothing and equipment.

If you’ve got a young explorer, you want to give them clothes that will keep them safe, but allow for free movement, and maintain durability through multiple washes. If you’ve got a sports enthusiast, they’ll need proper gear and uniforms. Swimmers need swimsuits, cyclists need helmets and safety pads, and fishermen...well, there’s some variability there.

Certainly, these aren’t the only activities out there, they’re just a broad generalization to help stimulate your imagination. Still, it’s not enough that your children have ready access to physical exercises.

Putting The Right Things In Your Body
Additionally, they need to eat right, and it’s a bit more difficult to get them to do that. Eating right and exercising regularly are keys to fully flourishing, but today’s food can be questionable.

Most of what we eat today is rife with synthetic hormones, preservatives, plastics, foodstuffs, saturated fats, and other things that aren’t good for the human body over the long-run. Here’s the thing: synthetic mass-produced foods are often scientifically designed to be competitively delicious. Try saying no to a Twinkie without feeling a twinge of regret.

But that Twinkie isn’t a good total diet, delicious though it may be. Still, one in balance with a regular diet is just fine. Maybe one or two a day, if your child eats rights and exercises hard. You can use these as incentives. But what’s a better idea is teaching children to generally enjoy natural foods, while restricting their access to processed, sugary stuff.

Achieving Healthy Harmony In Your Family
For the best diet and exercise harmony among children, there’s one final, painful consideration: you’ve got to set an example. If you want them to eat right, ensure that only good food is in the house, and stick to this regimen yourself. They’ll come to follow your example.

Do the same with exercise—find what you love, and do it to the max. Teach your young ones to do the same. The best way to learn healthy habits is to make their pursuit something legitimately enjoyable.

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