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5 FREE Things You Can Do Today to Combat Summer Boredom

Happy Monday and first day of July, friends! We've been on summer break for 2 weeks, but today is the first week that nobody is off to a summer program and I have a feeling that I might be hearing "I'm bored" a few times today. Now, I truly believe that it's okay to be bored once in a while, but it's all about balance (and making sure Mom doesn't lose her marbles). So, I have a list of 5, easy and FREE activities to help combat any mumblings of boredom and to save my own sanity!

1. Create an Easy Mystery Code for the Kids to Solve

We did this years ago for D and I've been meaning to make some new ones up. I wrote 3 messages out for her. This first one led to the next clue and so on. The last clue led to a surprise, which in this instance was an ice pop in the freezer, but you could use any prize you want at the end.

2. Hike and a Picnic at a Local State Park

Nothing beats a hike and picnic at one of your favorite state parks. Some state parks may charge an admission fee, but there are others that don't. One of our favorites, Southford Falls, is one that does not charge. We love spending time here and nothing beats following a breathtaking hike with a picnic.

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3. Geocaching

Nothing beats a hike followed by a picnic, but geocaching is pretty close. If you've followed the blog for a while, you've likely heard me talk about this before. If you're not familiar, geocaching is basically a large scavenger hunt. We use an app (we read about online) to discover "caches" close to wherever we may be. Sometimes we find the hidden items, sometimes we do not, but it's always a fun experience. 

4. Kindness Rocks

I was just reminded about this from a post I saw on Twitter. If you happen to have rock collectors (both my girls are), you probably have quite a few that are perfect for this project. If not, send the kids out to check the yard. Wash and dry the rocks and then use paint markers to write positive messages or draw a sweet picture on each one. You can leave them in a little rock garden in your yard or place them for someone else to find, perhaps on a path during a hike at a state park. 

5. Dance Party!

I think anytime you add a little extra movement to your day, you're adding a little extra happiness too. Throw on a great playlist or streaming station and encourage your kiddos to share their best dance moves while you share yours!

Let's talk about "boredom" - how do you encourage your kids to combat it? 
I'd love to hear your ideas too! 
Leave me a comment below or catch me over on MBP social media @mommysblockparty on Facebook or @beautyrepv on Twitter and IG.

Have a Magical Monday!

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  1. These all sound like a lot of fun! When my grandchildren are bored, we work on puzzles and paint pictures.


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