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What Do You Always Take on Vacation?

Summer vacation is here for most and that means vacations for many people. We actually are on our first vacation with the boys and I tried to pack plenty of items to keep them busy while at our friend's house. 
I will admit I had some anxiety flying with both boys for the first time. We flew to Austin, Texas to stay with friends who have no children so I tried to have a good mix of activities for the plane as well as toys for the boys to play with at our friend's house.

I absolutely love the magic marker books. 

Hendrix really enjoys coloring with these types of markers because he has no idea what the picture may be or what colors might appear. It's a great skill for him to practice, keeps him entertained, and does not make a mess. It's definitely a must for travel. The Water Works pads are great for all of these reasons, too.

Not that I ever need a reason to go to Target, but I went there to look for toys in the cheap bins and ran across a felt activity book.  

This has been great because both boys have played with it. Hendrix already knows numbers and colors, but it encourages him to learn how to spell them. There are other pages too with a lift the flap and pieces of a truck. 

Maverick likes to play with the pieces, too. He can kind of match them up. Maverick likes to try sorting the pieces as well as turn the pages in the book. 

Of course snacks, cars, and trains were on my list, too. I want to keep them occupied and those toys are always a big hit. 

What are your musts for vacation?

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